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After a brief scare with the Rare Replay, I got my account up to 198,000 even. Which means that I am now going to hit 200,000 on the nose, which is cause for celebration. Only two and a half years ago, I was sitting in a different apartment, with a different girlfriend, at a different school and a different job, popping achievements in My Horse & Me 2 for the even six-digits. Oh what a difference 100,000 makes.

I do want to take the time out to give some shout-outs to my friends around the globe who have gamed with me in the past two and a half years, or those who boosted with me to get me to this particular summit. A nod to the TrueAchievements website, community, and specifically the Walkthrough Team, for not only making me apart of it's community, but making me feel welcome and respected. And by extension, my GTASC team this year, who are some of the most driven casuals I've ever seen! \And of course, to my girlfriend/wife who has supported me this year, reminding me to keep my streak alive, allowing me to play the Xbox to ungodly times at night, and even sitting through some couch co-op with me. I love you, Tiffany (TiffyRose). :)

Obviously, the road doesn't stop here. My streak is closing in on 600 days, and I'm still clinging to the pipe-dream that I'll hit 300,000 by the end of 2016 (looking more and more unlikely everyday). I plan on bringing my team along on the journey with me to 300K, and hopefully ride this GTASC as long as we can make it. Time to sit back, play some Monopoly Plus and Cubot, and I'll catch you guys on the otherside of 200K!

Thanks for reading!
-Batman out.

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