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I forget the dates of the Star Ocean games, but SO4 predates all of them in the SO universe, right?

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I don't like watching The Big Bang Theory with friends...
So, I started watching The Big Bang Theory. I've watched a couple episodes before now and I never got what people see in it. Turns out the couple episodes I saw weren't exactly the norm. TBS started running the episodes from the pilot, so I started watching it to see how good it was... and I'm glad I did, because most are hilarious. That said, I've watched a couple episodes with friends and I noticed that I am lol'ing when others aren't.

First example:

Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Woolowitz are going to Penny's Halloween party. Sheldon is wearing a jumpsuit that has a dot in the center and lines that span out from that dot that get broader as the move away from the dot. On a whim, I say, "What's he going as, Doppler Shift?" and lol a bit. Sure enough, that's what he is.

No one else lols...

Second example, same topic:

Sheldon gives a hint as to what he is. Sheldon moves his his head from one side to the next making a "Brrrrr" sound as he moves his head. I'm friggin' crying I am lol'ing so hard.

No one else lols...

Everyone is looking at me like I am nuts because that wasn't funny apparently. I then explain to them what the Doppler Effect is and then explain that sound is in waves and as Sheldon moves his head from left to right making the "Brrrrr" sound, the frequency of those waves change. Those sound waves are compressed as his head comes toward you and expanded as his head moves away from you: Doppler Shift/Doppler Effect. It's the same effect as if a car coming toward you is laying on its horn and continues to lay on the horn as he passes you. Higher pitch in sound the closer the car gets due to compressed sound waves, and a fading, strung-out sound as the car passes and moves away from you due to expanded sound waves. It's not just for sound waves it works with anything that is comprised of waves (e.g. objects moving toward you have a blue shift due to compressed light waves and red shift due to expanded light as it moves away.)

No one else lols...

I then ask WTF they're teaching you kids in school these days?! (most of my friends are almost half my age.) These are basic principles I am explaining. Surely they haven't already forgotten them...?

I dunno, it's just no fun when no one else lols...

The genius behind this show is that there is something for everyone. People who know a few things of physics, history or science in general can really enjoy it, but those that can remember the fundamentals of high school/college physics can enjoy it even more. And the The Big Bang Theory jingle/opening song is just plain brilliant. I'm glad I gave this show another chance.

EDIT: Changed "jungle" to "jingle." Sholes and his QWERTY keyboard design can get bent for putting the "u" and "i" next to each other.
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Easily the best AC game I've ever played. It lasts much longer than the older games, but doesn't feel like it drags on for as long as some of them. A nasterpiece.

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I have just started it but struggling to get into it like I did on the others. Finding it hard in all honesty!! Any recommendations? I have done a few main & side quests

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You playing on hard difficulty? There's no achievement for that, so might as well play on normal or easy. On hard difficulty, this is the hardest AC game in the franchise

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