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My so called life...
Here it is. 35 and I am still where I want to be, going towards where I want to end up. I am another year older, another year into my lifetime marriage, another year of being happier because of my wife and baby girl in my life. What a life so far and it is only getting better.

I remember back in the day I use to say, 'Microsoft is getting into the console business, what a joke!'. I also use to say that I would never take part in this thing called 'Xbox'. Man was I wrong.

In the year and a half that I have been playing, I have enjoyed so much more than I have on all my other systems combined - except original Nintendo - you will always hold a special place in my heart. The one game that got me to convert was Final Fantasy XIII ShutTheCakeHole's achievements in Final Fantasy XIII (still not complete). The storyline, the game play, the graphical renderings. It just reminded me of those days on Nintendo and Super Nintendo where I would play hours upon hours of Final Fantasy - always has been my favorite game line, hands down. Switching over has opened my eyes to the other side of the moon. The games, the people, the storylines, the achievements - gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Now I know the argument is that it's only bits and bytes - 1's and 0's - it does not mean anything. You know what, it means something to me and that is what counts. Through this love of mine, I have found a community of like-minded gamers and a home for discussion and reflect and just general tracking. Could not ask for anything more from my life's passion of gaming.

Now I won't get too deep. Well, not any deeper than I have already been. I will end with this note from my birthday reflection on life so far. Do what you love and do it well - you will never go wrong with what you accomplish in your life - no matter how small it is.

Thanks to all my current friends and new friends coming for welcoming me into an established community with open arms. Here's to many more years of game play, achievements, and good friends.

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