World war z finally finished gr8 game but such a grind! Now just want cyber punk 2077 to hurry up!


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trading for max payne 3!
good start to the wkend 4 me traded 7 games 6 of them were completed and 1 just goin take too long for me too finish hence which is why i gave up on gears 3 too

games traded at hmv for max payne 3 was...

1.orochi warriors 2
2.hitman blood money
3.gears 1
4.dead rising 2 special Ed
5.dead rising 2 off the record
6. wwe 12
7.saints row 3

too me not a bad deal for a game i wernt goin play til finished gta iv and red dead

so now got start prototype 2 and now max payne and now working on batman arkham asylum and some more on batman arkham city i also have prison break too start from lovefilm but dont no if i should?? any1 played it - any good

comment be low cheers
the upcoming call of duty black ops 2
tell me ppl what do u think of the new call of duty black ops 2 .
from wat i see it looks like a rip off from halo funny enoth halo 4 comes out at same time unless they change it but 4 me im more of modern warfare series too me there more fun i get in2 them more the 1st black ops just made me rage too much!! lol sum of their DLC and world at war too which i stil got finish but probly wil never i more want finsh mile high club on cod4 ...
write bk let me no ur comments if any?

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