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Catching up on my videos. The latest one will showcase my lack of platforming and survival skills in Deadlight, lol. In my defense, I was often distracted by either the wife, the dogs or a shiny red ball.

Here's the link to that playlist:

And, I guess I'm going to have to make a habit of this, but if you enjoy any of my videos, please leave a comment, a like or even subscribe. Going to try to make an even more effort to build up my YouTube channel, so any pointers are more than welcome.

Look at those gas prices!Look at those gas prices!

As far as Deadlight goes. I really enjoyed it. So much in fact, I'll look into the Director's Cut one of these days. For now, I have *plenty* of games to go through still. In fact, my Genre Project is taking precedence at the moment. For the most part.

Since my last post, checked off the following:

American Football | Madden NFL 18
Collection | Final Fight: Double Impact
On Rails | Scalextric
I'll post videos of those soon. Currently editing Magic 2013. Shouldn't take me too much longer.

Back to Deadlight. Not too much else to say that most of you don't already know. It's a sidescrolling, platforming / survival horror video game. Personally, I like the art style. Complimented the game well in its apocalyptic state. As far as the specifics go, you play as Randall Wayne. The world has basically ended, littered with zombies and the plot is you trying to find your family in the Seattle area.

Don't want to say too much else as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played this yet.

And, with that. See you all later this week!
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Got up to 10 Windows Phone completions the other day, so that's cool. I think. Maybe add another zero to that and that will be something to really brag about later on, yeah? Yeah? Yeah. That's what I thought.

Regardless, probably kick it up a gear soon. I need to spend most of my week editing some videos and once I get caught up with that, I'll pick up the pace with these games on my phone. Plenty of simple ones to do too.

I'm also hoping to have both Deadlight and Magic 2013 fully processed. Deadlight is essentially finished. Just debating if I want to add a few minor things in the video -- may not be worth my time as I'm sure I will be the only person to notice it. Magic 2013 is going to be the huge time sink, I'm predicting. Plenty of hours to go through there.

Anyway, here are videos of the few phone games I played these past few weeks.


Temple Run 2:

I've dabbled with this game in the past, but not with achievements. There's nothing special about it, but was a nice time waster. And, I mean that in a good way.


Beards & Beaks:
This one is most memorable because in order to use one of the powerups, you need to blow into the phone. I'm serious! Outside of that, I really enjoyed this one. Too bad the developers stopped creating levels for the game. I'm sure funding, licensing or something got in the way of that.


Wish it was a bit more difficult as it was just too easy to earn the best ranks. Of course, at the very end of my tenure of playing this game, I realize you didn't need to tap the phone. You could just click and drag, so to speak. Would have reduced the tapping tenfold.


Fruit Ninja:
Can't go wrong with Fruit Ninja. I must have a soft spot for this one because I could play it for hours. No lie. Can't wait to dive into the Kinect versions -- those are the most fun to me.


Outside of phone games, recently completed ROBLOX by logging in for twenty days in a row -- thank goodness for that too! Started to get more and more paranoid on whether I had logged in for that day or not, lol.

No need for a padded room now. Whew.

I might make another blog post for my trials and tribulations with finding the perfect HDMI splitter/matrix switch to accomplish my streaming needs. Spoiler alert: I found one. Unfortunately, it wasn't a simple plug and play scenario. I had to dig deep and use every part of my brain to come up with a solution. It was exhausting. Left me in a primal state temporarily.

Anyway, the main hurdle to clear was that any game that implements HDR10 for gaming ended up with washed out colors on my capture card device, which downscales everything to 1080p. Now, even though Elgato comes with its own software, I ended up having to use OBS, which I'm finding to be more superior.

Luckily, I found this HDR filter, so I downloaded that, set that up as my filter, adjusted its sliders and boom -- colors are really popping now. And, while this doesn't make much sense to me, I had to set my color range back to Partial. You would think setting it to Full would enhance the colors even more, but not really. Had the opposite effect.

That said, I'll be dedicating my time mostly to games on my Xbox One X for a little while now. Really need to get back into Diablo III since my buddy, BONECOLLECTOR88, has patiently been waiting on me to partake in the festivities with him.

I mean, he's been a monk. So patient. Surprised he's remained being friends with me. wink

And, that's it for now. Will continue playing Madden when I get back home from work and might even start its narrative story mode they got going on. Will actually be able to directly capture its footage now too. Could only stream it originally.

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Still catching up on things, lol. Been taking care of business on the gaming front though especially with all of the time restrictions I had over the weekend. Why do you ask? Well, to make room for this kitty!

We got the one on the right. We were going to get both of them, but the other one went missing the day we showed up. The owners have this farm and live on 90 acres, so they think one of them was hiding under the wheel well of their vehicle and went on an unintended ride to the pasture. To find the cat, it would literally be finding a needle in a haystack.

Don't fret though. He showed up a day later and didn't get eaten by a coyote. Safe and sound. Of course, the wife and I are now contemplating on getting the other. Well, mostly she is, lol. We already have two dogs, so not sure if we want to take on more responsibility. We don't want to neglect them, you know? Plus, she's afraid the house is going to smell bad with the poop and litter combination.

We'll see how it goes with this one and make our decision soon. I would prefer Walt have a buddy, but he does have the dogs. Eh.

Anyway, the cat's name is Walt (or Walter). Named after an Alabama Football super fan that passed away a little over a week ago. He had Down Syndrome. Here's an article about him:

My last cat was already an adult when I adopted him, so having a kitty around is a new experience for me. Thank goodness he seems to already be litter trained, especially for being a barn cat. I'm assuming he wasn't able to learn this from his mother since she is an outside cat -- the owners have a few adult cats that have the purpose to hinder rodents from damaging their crops and things like that.

Funny story here: when introducing Walt to the dogs, I couldn't believe both of them went from being curious to absolutely terrified of that little furball within seconds when Walt hissed and bopped them on the nose. Even Yeldon, who is almost 100 pounds, was hiding in a corner. He's such a great guard dog, lol.

Fortunately, it only took them about a day to get accustomed to each other. Caught Walt laying on top of Lacy sleeping, so that was a bunch of cuteness going on there.

Well, that's enough about all of that. Let's discuss some gaming!


For whatever reason, I wasn't going to sit down and complete this Doritos Crash Course. Figured the gold medal times would frustrate me and I would have to play this over several sittings. Changed my mind and just grinded it out. Took me most of the day -- counting the MP action too.

It turned out to be highly enjoyable, once again. Bonus points since the game has always been free too. Wish I was able to play the delisted Windows title and sequel. It is what it is though. There's several more titles I'll be able to sink my teeth into.


What else is there? Ah. Here's hoping I complete ROBLOX either tomorrow or Wednesday. It's a habit now logging in everyday, but my 20th day in a row should be played soon and I'll have that completion for my MMO genre. What, what!

And, I didn't think I'd be able to manage this so quickly, but completed Magic 2013 over the weekend, so that means the CCG genre is done too!

Go me. It's my birthday (not really).

Started up Madden NFL 18 yesterday as well. Online services were being shut down next week. The online achievements in the game were reportedly going to be unaffected by the closure, but you never know. I often wonder should I ever dedicate a decent amount of time into Madden, I seriously think I would be really good at it. I'm actually really passionate with these football video games. More so with NCAA Football, but we all know what happened there.

Probably continue playing Madden when I get home later. Other than that, I'm out!
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Holy crap. Almost had a heart attack with my YouTube channel. Got an email from them about a copyright claim. I had heard about some horror stories in regards to copyright strikes and things like that, but figured you couldn't go wrong with in-game footage.

I may have been wrong with that assumption. Sony Music Entertainment (SME) didn't like the fact that I was using some of their songs that were actually in-game from MX vs. ATV: Alive. Not sure if that's something I can dispute or not.

It's not like they removed my video. In fact, it's still visible; only partially visible. Here's a list of territories that did get blocked.

241 Blocked Territories:

Congo - Brazzaville, St. Helena, Guyana, Isle of Man, Norway, Qatar, Grenada, Mexico, Peru, Estonia, Bahrain, Belize, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Guam, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Wallis & Futuna, Central African Republic, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Mongolia, Zambia, British Virgin Islands, Pakistan, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Mauritius, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tunisia, India, Palau, Montenegro, Oman, China, Pitcairn Islands, Yemen, Lesotho, Niue, French Southern Territories, Croatia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Andorra, Bhutan, Uganda, Lebanon, Congo - Kinshasa, Indonesia, Albania, Israel, Cape Verde, Jordan, Venezuela, Honduras, Fiji, Somalia, Aruba, Tanzania, Burundi, Solomon Islands, Martinique, Kenya, Brunei, Chile, St. Lucia, Monaco, St. Barthélemy, Argentina, Armenia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, Samoa, Maldives, Gibraltar, Angola, Ecuador, Dominica, Northern Mariana Islands, Uruguay, French Guiana, Kiribati, Guernsey, Poland, Norfolk Island, Paraguay, Bouvet Island, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Malta, Jersey, Burkina Faso, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Montserrat, Eritrea, Laos, Nigeria, Panama, São Tomé & Príncipe, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Christmas Island, Bahamas, Jamaica, Syria, British Indian Ocean Territory, Turkmenistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Australia, Ethiopia, Tuvalu, Macao, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Nauru, Sri Lanka, Libya, Portugal, Suriname, Liberia, Slovenia, Mayotte, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Tokelau, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, France, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Malawi, Tajikistan, Comoros, Cook Islands, Gambia, Réunion, Guinea-Bissau, U.S. Outlying Islands, Serbia, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand, United Kingdom, Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala, Rwanda, Turks & Caicos Islands, Romania, Antarctica, Mauritania, Moldova, New Caledonia, Colombia, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), Belarus, Denmark, El Salvador, Botswana, Austria, Gabon, Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, Ukraine, Morocco, Eswatini, United Arab Emirates, Mali, Timor-Leste, Lithuania, U.S. Virgin Islands, Åland Islands, Mozambique, Italy, Greenland, Cyprus, Belgium, Afghanistan, Micronesia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Iran, Marshall Islands, Benin, Djibouti, St. Martin, Antigua & Barbuda, Vanuatu, Heard & McDonald Islands, Finland, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Western Sahara, Seychelles, Germany, Ireland, Nicaragua, Niger, Czechia, Bermuda, Azerbaijan, St. Kitts & Nevis, Vatican City, Tonga, Haiti, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, North Macedonia, Cuba, Chad, American Samoa, Madagascar, Latvia, Guadeloupe, South Korea, Anguilla, Georgia, Togo, Ghana, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Bolivia, Palestine, Singapore, Taiwan, Iraq, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Nepal, North Korea, Malaysia, Algeria

Think it might have been easier to tell me which ones weren't blocked? Anyway, I'm not all that fussed about it. I almost want to boycott anything Sony related now though -- not that I have any of their products, lol. Someone told me that if my videos were theoretically monetized they would get all the credit while I wouldn't get anything. Think that's some BS right there.

Just thought that was a neat story and wanted to share it.

Those blocked territories -- facepalm Congo, really? Do they even have internet in some of these listed areas?

Goodness gracious. What is the world coming to? We have these copyright claims automated by bots, Xbox Gamertags going the way of Discord where nothing is unique, participation trophies... I shudder to to think what's next.
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Should probably start taking notes because I swear that I have good material to post that's buried in my brain -- it's just my memory refuses to let them go. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, after getting harassed by penis jokes for the past week or so since I started playing Uno -- those guys are such dicks about it -- I ended up being far more productive, when it came to my gaming. Real life responsibilities took a backseat.

Not really, but that sounded funny, right? You know, the whole misdirection, yeah?

Eh. I'll leave the funny stuff to the professionals, like my good buddy, CrippleThreat8. I mean, it's not like he was on AGT or anything. wink

I mean, don't get my wrong. I wanted to get in on the fun and tell them a penis joke too, but I didn't want to come off as cocky.

I do have a rare talent and get laughed at sometimes and I'm not even trying. For instance, I was setting up a new computer as my wife is looking over my shoulder and one of the first things you do is set up an account with a password. I thought I would be funny and type in "my dick" as the password, as a prank to my friend. It clearly backfired. A message popped up soon after saying, "Password is too short." My wife lost it.

Ahem. Burned myself.

So, back to me accomplishing stuff. In gaming. Wasting my time away where I could be helping the world with global warming or something equally as important.

Despite two of these games being a slog, I got a few more notches put on my Genre Project since last update:

Guardians of Middle-earth | MOBA
MX vs. ATV: Alive | Motocross
Deadlight & Doritos Crash Course | Platformer

Speaking of genres, may have discovered a new one: Skiing. Fortunately, I have that one already covered, so bonus. Cha-ching.

Now, I'll go into more detail with some of these games I've completed recently -- currently working on the videos, so expect those later this week. Maybe. At the moment, I'll share with you two of them.

First one will be Guardians of Middle-earth. Certainly cherished the fact I could double box this. While this wasn't entirely necessary, it definitely made things go by a little more quickly, I think. The AI was exploitable enough, but I had the resources, so why not use them.

Now, I have no idea how many hours I put into the game, but the estimation on site puts it at around 60 to 80 hours. Seems fair, I suppose. I did complete it in around 5 days, so I either was a bum the entire time or just got things done a bit more efficiently than most others. I wasn't really keeping track.

Now, I realize both of these videos are incredibly long and don't expect anyone to watch through all of it. It's mostly for me, but considering the LOTR video was cut down to 3 hours is a feat itself. Remember that estimation from earlier? Mind blowing, I know.

Of course, this was a big grind. No doubt about that. Since it was all online and a delisted game, I was motivated to get this done as soon as possible. Didn't want to end up with a discontinued achievement. It wasn't all that bad though since I was able to take advantage of my multiple screens. It encouraged me to catch up on some Netflix and Hulu shows while I was playing the game on another monitor. I don't see how some of you do it. Constantly grinding out achievements. It's mentally draining. Personally, I need to go outside and see some sunlight every now and then, lol. Hopefully everyone gets to feel happy at the end though.


MX vs. ATV: Alive was something I managed to wrap up fairly quickly and its estimation was 20 to 25 hours. I think that's fair too. I managed to wrap this up in two or three days -- it was all a blur. It was definitely over the weekend.

I was also able to double box this and I know that saved myself a little bit of a time too. I had other people willing to assist, but if you want a job done right, you got to do it yourself. wink

Nah. I'm appreciative of the ones that reached out. It's just far simpler to schedule when you do things yourself on your own time.

As far as the game goes, I was digging the whole Motocross thing. I didn't realize the right thumbstick was used to turn in the beginning, so things got off to a rough start. Get it? I'm a genius. I know.

Oh. And, I realize this video is a little over 4 hours, but most of it was cut out, obviously. It's not all achievement related either. Some funny crashes were put in there and also showed how I beat all of the courses too. Not that anyone should need help. Flip that difficulty down to Rookie and it's honestly a cake walk. Cake with extra frosting.


I'll try to get videos of Deadlight and Doritos Crash Course up next. Really enjoyed playing those. Really did. Just wish there were more achievements to entice to keep me playing.

Currently going through my usual smorgasbord of gaming -- going back and forth between a few. One game to note is that I got into the CCG genre with Magic 2013 and much to my surprise, I can see the appeal. My co-worker who is really into the physical decks asked me if I would start going with him to these Magic events. Hard pass, lol. I've heard things about how most of participants smell, as in really bad body odor. Like, they don't even shower. Maybe use those toilette wipes. Who knows. That's something I'd rather not experience and can remain a mystery.


I'm mostly kidding, but even he's told me some of those guys smell rotten, so I'll take his word for it.

This blog actually turned out to be a little longer than I had intended, so let's wrap things up here for now. Maybe I can squeeze in another blog before the week is up. Challenge accepted. Booyah.
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