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PermalinkWeek 39 | Day 270: "Rugby is a collision sport"
Dang. Haven't felt the urge to post a blog for a bit. Not much to report, I suppose. Have been immersing myself in the open world of Ghost Recon Wildlands as of late, so there's that too. Bolivia seems nice. Plenty of cocaine to snort, allegedly.

I've been doing idle grinds quite a bit lately too. Cosmo Run (Win 10) was my latest feat. A more complex idle grind was with EA Sports UFC 3. CronusMAX saved the day here. Ended up amassing a losing record of 400-800 (around there -- can't remember exactly). I think before I opted to set up an overnight idle grind, I had a record of 50-3, so not too shabby. Unfortunately, my CAF's face got rearranged so bad, he looks like Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli from the film "The Goonies."

Do the Truffle Shuffle!

Anyway, in an effort to play catch up, here's one of my latest videos that also ticked off the Genre Project.

Rugby 15 (Xbox One) - Achievement Highlights

Take the helm of official teams and clubs from the most prestigious leagues: the Aviva Premiership Rugby, the PRO 12 and, in a world exclusive, the TOP 14 and PRO D2.
Had limited knowledge on how Rugby is supposed to be played, so took a little while to figure things out at first. I'm more of an American Football fan, but after trying this game out, it's not going to pull me away from other sports anytime soon. Even though I don't know much about the sport, the game felt like an utter disaster.

While I was appreciative of the attempt of a tutorial and overview of the controls in the beginning, but with me being a newcomer, I don't think I was ever able to to wrap my head around the myriad of rules and complexities it presents.

That said, unlocking all of its achievements served its purpose for my project. Rugby genre done.

Also, I realize this might be old news to some, but the discontinued achievements to Splinter Cell Blacklist got fixed, so will be tackling that soon. I still can't believe it, truth be told. That said, I'll also be going for the series completion, so will be starting up Double Agent and Conviction at some point too.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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PermalinkElusive Target: The Blackmailer
Completed another elusive target on Sunday. Took a couple tries as I kept on being a little careless and wasn't really into another repeat target from Season One. Looking back, I did enjoy the experience, but it was probably also to the fact I wanted to get back into Ghost Recon Wildlands. I'm really glad my friend Brandon talked me into starting it with him. I'm guessing Open World is my thing. It's almost like an OCD's wet dream, lol. You know, you have all of these different territories with their collectibles and missions. It's seemingly never ending, really.

You also feel like it you get the most bang for your buck with all the longevity of the game. I suppose for an achievement hunter, it probably gets passed over for a quick ID@Xbox, which is a shame. Speaking of getting your money's worth, this expansion pass for HITMAN 2 continues to exceed my expectations. Another map is being pushed out later this month with even more content, like, the emetic grenade. Can you say, poop explosion?

Hitman 2 (Xbox One) - Elusive Target: The Blackmailer

Heh.  That's my cat's name.Heh. That's my cat's name.

As far as my playthrough goes, it required a bit of waiting. His spawn point was too crowded to really do anything right away. Fortunately, after his strut down the catwalk, there's an opportunity to snag him.

I found that there was some prep work that needed to be done beforehand. First, I took out a waiter and hid the body. He was going to be in the way. Don't worry. He lived. I'm sure someone found him in the closet. Pretty sure.

Basically, I wanted the target to walk into the bathroom by baiting him with a coin. After successfully doing this, jab him with an emetic syringe. Now, normally, the effect is almost instantaneous. For whatever reason, I might have caught him in the midst of an animation that delayed said effect. Regardless, he started to feel the pain and went to the toilet, where I obviously took him out via drowning. In toilet water. I have no remorse.

I did get a little turned about when finding an exit as I couldn't remember the layout and the last thing I wanted to do was run by a camera and then have to track down the server to erase any footage. Fortunately, I remembered and got another Silent Assassin rating.

I'll probably end up posting another blog later this week. Got some catching up to do with other videos since I've gotten a bit complacent with those.

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PermalinkElusive Target: The Gunrunner
I'm either really good at these elusive targets or outrageously lucky. I was fortunate to have the poison syringe on hand and either the target had the worst bodyguards in the world or they simply had a lapse in good judgement. Kind of like how this site implements geometric mean to calculate DLC, but hey -- I realize it's a fruitless discussion to have because let's be real: those in charge of the site's rules have already made up their mind and won't budge on their stance. In the end, all of the site's classifications and reasonings are subjective.

From what I've seen in the forums, the staff have their justifications and ignore all arguments to the contrary, so what can you do? I firmly believe that this type of behavior devalues the TA ratio and the whole point of TrueAchievements. I just don't understand why you're essentially penalizing gamers who go out of their way to get every single achievement in the game. Makes little sense to me.

Then again, the value of GamerScore has arguably taken a nose dive too, but it is what it is. I'm not sitting with the cool kids anymore in the cafeteria, so I don't envy the metagames others obsess over. I got my own thing that fills my hunger with quality over quantity. smile

Hitman 2 (Xbox One) - Elusive Target: The Gunrunner

Was told he couldn't run with scissors at a young age, so became The Gunrunner.  That's the theory, anyway.Was told he couldn't run with scissors at a young age, so became The Gunrunner. That's the theory, anyway.

This elusve target was another repeat from last season, so was already familiar on what works. Basically, here's what you do: cause a lockdown by tripping the fire alarm or just blowing up a nearby car to get the target moving to a more favorable position. And, since I was thirsty for some carnage, opted to continue firing bullets at the gas tank until the car exploded.

Can't blame the target, but my pucker would have gotten tight too if a car exploded near me.

Anyway, him and their bodyguards ran through this hidden tunnel and there I waited...

And, waited...

And waited some more until they went back to the table full of guns.

Fortunately, during my initial run, all of the guards decided to scout up ahead and not a single one thought it was a good idea to stay with the target. Golden opportunity here.

I snuck behind the target, jabbed him with the poisoned syringe and casually jogged to an exit.

Glad you can't fix stupid. It not only makes eliminating elusive targets easier, but it actually helps pay my bills from my real job.

  • Current Events

Still plugging away at this Genre Project. Recently completed Endless Skater (Win 8) for the Skateboarding genre. May go into more detail about that in the next blog, but I spent most of it idling with a simple macro.

Recently decided to calculate how long it would take me to grind out the rest of the online achievements in UFC 3 and it's going to take 75+ hours. I believe there's a possibility to create an idle method since you still get XP by losing, so we'll see.

Took a small break from Apex Legends since my motivation faltered after taking care of the more difficult achievements in the game. I do feel like the developers are changing the game in the Battle Royale scene with the introduction of this Voidwalker Event and creating more in-depth lore for Wraith. There's also a double XP event this weekend, so I'll be partaking in that when I'm not watching UFC and college football. Hit me up if you'd like to squad up!

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PermalinkGenre Project - Halfway There
Four months into this project of mine, I'm already halfway done. Of course, I think the second half might take me a little longer than the first half due to some of the games I have lined up. For instance, there's at least one that will take me over 100 hours to complete -- EA SPORTS UFC 3, which I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully the online achievements won't give me too much grief.

Naturally, I get asked why I'm doing this. The simple answer is because I find it to be fun. Secondly, no one has accomplished this feat. Out of almost 400,000 users on this site, not one person has achieved this. I'd like to become the first. Hopefully it's by year's end, but that might be cutting it close. Let's all just enjoy the journey, for now.

I've actually already accomplished something similar, but that will have to include an asterisk for now due to a 'tracking reduction.' That reminds me, that will be another blog for another time. I'm actually working my way towards that by unlocking any achievements that were tagged with... subjective accusations. That may not happen this year since an investment is necessary, but it should be worth it in the end when it gets revisited completely. As some of you should know by now, I have a knack for proving people wrong.

Aside from all that, let's give you what some have requested and get into what's been done, started, and left to do for my project.

  • Genre Project - 44/8888


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***





*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Feel free to drop any suggestions/corrections and don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything you could help out with -- mostly looking at Halo Forge (Win 10) and Minecraft for the versions that are no longer supported (Xbox 360 and Xbox One). I'm not quite ready to hop back on that train for the versions that are still supported, lol.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is another game I continue to struggle with gaining some traction on. You don't have to be great at this since I can carry the squad, but you do have to complete the main story. I think that's where most people get hung up at. Anyway, if you have an inkling of interest in this game, please reach out to me. I have video guides out that should be able to help point you in the right direction for any level you might be stuck on.

Looking for a physical copy of AFL Evolution too. Unfortunately, I can't find any for sale in the states. Those shipping prices from out of the country are murder. Plus, I'm not even sure if the game has been on sale digitally. And, I'm way too frugal to spend that much money on something that I can't put my hands on, lol.

As far as updates go, I probably won't post another blog about this until I get to 75% completed and go from there. That said, we're looking at another 22 genres that will need to be ticked off. Maybe I'll be able to reach that point before the end of the year. I roughly calculated how long it would take me to fully complete this project and I could be looking at another 600 hours or so. I'll certainly try my best though.

Fortunately, there's a few WP and Windows games that could shave off some time from my typical availability while I'm at work, but the bulk of it will have to be done at home.

  • Quick Recap

Since we're on the subject of genres, let's briefly discuss the ones I've completed since the last update.

Kinect Sports Gems: 3 Point Contest | Basketball: Took me a little while to figure out how the game wanted to recognize your movements. Was briefly stuck on the "sink every ball in round 10" challenge. I'd do everything perfectly, but then miss one shot during that round and that would be the only one I would miss, lol. Gah!

Can't seem to recall what movements worked for me, but you don't even need to jump -- that I do remember. I'd bend my knees and then straighten up, making sure my "shots" were consistent by being completely still after my release.

Fun game -- the atmosphere they created was done well. Stadium, fans, cheerleaders... Giggity.


Kinect Sports Gems: 10 Frame Bowling | Bowling: Physics worked well with this game. Unfortunately, the challenges for earning strikes with a "slow" and "overarm" balls were horrible, lol. It just took me the longest, but everything else was just fine and dandy.


Real Racing 2 (WP) | Simulation Racing: For a phone game, it functioned really well. Almost like *real* life, lol. Took me about 12 to 15 hours to fully complete it, but didn't mind the length. It ran so well on my phone, was bittersweet to have unlocked the last achievement.


Trivial Pursuit (WP) | Party: Pretty basic game, truth be told. The questions had a tendency to repeat, but it served its purpose and a solid time waster. If you enjoy trivia more than me, then you'd have a better time with it.


Full House Poker (WP) | Casino: Was really fortunate this was considered to be categorized as Casino since most available games were over 200 hours to complete. I didn't mind this one either even though my bad luck would resurface from time to time when the river card was flipped over.


Civ Rev (WP) | Turned Based: This type of game isn't really my cup of tea, but maybe it could be later on. This version was obviously watered down from its other variants, so the depth wasn't there to pique my interest.


Kinect Sports Gems: Darts vs. Zombies | Darts: I was probably more lucky than good when I cruised through this game. I say that because its arguably the most difficult of the Kinect Sports Gems games. That said, I really enjoyed it. Neat spin on the sport darts, but I wouldn't say it was my favorite.


Rugby 15 | Rugby: Here's a sport I wasn't completely familiar with. I have seen it on TV occasionally, but still had no idea how the scoring was done. I struggled with this achievement the most:
RUGBY 15Long DroppieSir PaulygonThe Long Droppie achievement in RUGBY 15 worth 41 pointsScore a goal from 40+ meters.

I'm guessing it was the angles I kept taking and was too stubborn to change my ways as the achievement, in theory, seemed way too simple.

Of course, I enjoy American Football way more, this still had its moments. Nice change of pace, at any rate.


geoDefense Swarm (WP) | Strategy: For whatever reason, this one really clicked with me. Enjoyed this much better than its predecessor, which was more at a slower pace compared to this one.


Snooker Nation Championship (2019) | Cue Sports: Unfortunately, there was a patch that made one of the achievements more difficult:
Snooker Nation ChampionshipFlawlessSir PaulygonThe Flawless achievement in Snooker Nation Championship worth 255 pointsGet a Snooker Break of 147

There was apparently an exploit you could do via Practice mode, but no longer. I'm glad that I was able to unlock this achievement as intended, so that gives me some bragging rights, I guess. Heck. I had zero knowledge of how snooker was supposed to be played, so the fact I was able to complete this within just a few days should reward me with some sort of pat on the back, right?

Fun fact: I used a shoe string to line up my shots, lol. Of course, that prop won't ever top the charts with me using an air dancer.

And, that's all I got for now. Wish me luck on this project of mine -- might need some!

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PermalinkWeek 35 | Day 238: "Armed & Delicious"
Later this week, I'll have an update to my Genre Project. I reached the halfway point over the weekend and can't wait to share the details. First, I need to post another video as well as discuss the future of my WP gaming. While it was a fun experiment to be able to record my phone gameplay and share that with you all, I just couldn't figure out how to capture the audio and I found that to be too discouraging to continue. Plus, whenever I use the Project My Screen app, it had a tendency to freeze up my phone. The only solution was to remove the battery, but in order to do that, you had to take the case off and that was not an easy feat, albeit an annoying one.

Regardless, here's my latest video of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2:

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 (Xbox One) - Achievement Highlights

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As corny as it sounds, this game will hold a special place in my heart. I was able to get arguably one of the toughest achievements in the game with the help from a few gamers that attended Achievement Fest earlier this year -- just last month. Without their help, I'm unsure if my local buddies would have been able to unlock that group achievement.

Your arms are weapons. Use your body to slice fruit as it flies across the screen. Dodge spotlights, throw shurikens and strike ninja poses.
It's probably a little odd that I complete the sequel before its predecessor, but I'll get to it soon enough. It does have an online achievement I should tackle too. Regardless, chopping fruit is still just as fun as it always has been. This variant has more modes and does a better job of encouraging group play. It's well made and I'm finding it to still be an addicting experience.

Admittedly, I do wish the newer chapters added more depth. Other than the achievements tied to those modes, I didn't have a need to revisit them later on. The introduction to them was presented well enough, but that's it.

Speaking of the new modes, I enjoyed them for what it's worth. The 'Festival' mode introduced four new modes: Katsuro’s Ninja Dodge, Mari’s Strawberry Stealth, Nobu’s Bamboo Strike, and Han’s Apple Range. Each mode added different elements to the classic modes from the original. One has you dodging shurikens whereas the other has you dodging spotlights. The other mode tosses in bamboo seeds with the fruit. If you happen to miss that seed, bamboo sticks grow from the ground up, which prevents you from slicing the fruit -- your main source for points. (duh). And, the last mode was my favorite -- where you throw knives at fruit instead of slicing them. You have targets that show up and added some new variety to the game.

That's all I got for that video. I'll most definitely get the blog about my Genre Project up later this week. I actually can't wait to post it, but need to make sure the numbers are accurate and everything else is still correct based on the latest genre definitions since they have a tendency to change due to disagreements and things of that nature.

Until then, catch me up on Apex Legends and let's squad up. I only need three more wins and four more characters need to reach 5,000 damage, I think.

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