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GooseBoxLiveGooseBoxLive has reached a new milestone: 205 Completed Games
GooseBoxLiveSuper Weekend ModeGooseBoxLive completed the game Super Weekend Mode and is the 7,874th gamer on the site to complete it
crazycarnage67Loot Hero DXcrazycarnage67 started the game Loot Hero DX
BallerkaeferDOOM 3Ballerkaefer won 3 Achievements in DOOM 3 for 686 points

                Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 23:43 on 05 May 2021IrishWarrior022 status: Getting Medieval on yo ass! Playing unreleased CHIVALRY 2 live @8pm EST! First look!
Inferno118Yakuza 0Inferno118 won 2 Achievements in Yakuza 0 for 51 points
Brett Evans15Rockstar Table TennisThe Hall of Famer achievementBrett Evans15 won the The Hall of Famer achievement in Rockstar Table Tennis for 738 points
Comment by Brett Evans15 at 23:07 on 05 May 2021

My friend CHERRY CHEERIOS got 3 other accounts and 4 boxes because he helped me out and I finally got this achievement. Thanks to CHERRY CHEERIOS for helped me out!

Comment by Brett Evans15 at 23:08 on 05 May 2021

One thing, no consecutive wins for this achievement. Good luck for getting The Hall of Famer Achievement everyone!

InigoMontoya80Project Starship XInigoMontoya80 completed the game Project Starship X and is the 690th gamer on the site to complete it
InigoMontoya80Project Starship XInigoMontoya80 won 19 Achievements in Project Starship X for 1094 points
BedholmMafia IIBedholm won 2 Achievements in Mafia II for 39 points
BedholmMafia IIFirst Step achievementBedholm won the First Step achievement in Mafia II for 17 points
xTCxAssault Heroes 2xTCx won 3 Achievements in Assault Heroes 2 for 143 points
BedholmMafia IIJimmy's VendettaBedholm started the Jimmy's Vendetta DLC for Mafia II
IrishWarrior022DayZIrishWarrior022 completed the game DayZ and is the 2,075th gamer on the site to complete it
Oriole2682SMITEOriole2682 won 3 Achievements in SMITE for 510 points
Oriole2682SMITEDestructible achievementOriole2682 won the Destructible achievement in SMITE for 26 points
Oriole2682SMITEQuick Turn-In achievementOriole2682 won the Quick Turn-In achievement in SMITE for 175 points
IrishWarrior022DayZBabyface achievementIrishWarrior022 won the Babyface achievement in DayZ for 127 points
xTCxAssault Heroes 2xTCx started the game Assault Heroes 2
purplerayn6Angels with Scaly Wingspurplerayn6 won 23 Achievements in Angels with Scaly Wings for 379 points
purplerayn6purplerayn6 has reached a new milestone: 400,000 GamerScore
Oriole2682SMITE5Oriole2682 has rated the King of Uruk DLC in SMITE 5 out of 5
Oriole2682SMITEKing of UrukOriole2682 completed the King of Uruk DLC for SMITE
Oriole2682SMITEKing of UrukOriole2682 started the King of Uruk DLC for SMITE
xTCxGrand Theft Auto VxTCx won 3 Achievements in Grand Theft Auto V for 282 points
xTCxGrand Theft Auto V (JP)xTCx won 2 Achievements in Grand Theft Auto V (JP) for 459 points
Lonewolf81083GORSDLonewolf81083 won 3 Achievements in GORSD for 1031 points

                Status change by MattiasAnderson at 20:29 on 05 May 2021MattiasAnderson status: Today I have been the king of dashboarding and it is so much fun! Yay!
Comment by darkling1542 at 21:03 on 05 May 2021

I dread doing that game because everything about that achievement is just not fun. I also don't like that it is in a timed area. At least in the sequel you...

Comment by darkling1542 at 21:04 on 05 May 2021

..had infinite time to do an area and every area had a shitload of challenges to do. It is incredible when you see how much more it has than this game.

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Skate 323Dark Nights with Poe and MunroSkate 323 completed the game Dark Nights with Poe and Munro and is the 19th gamer on the site to complete it
BigSneddz90Dull GreyBigSneddz90 completed the game Dull Grey and is the 237th gamer on the site to complete it
BigSneddz90Dull GreyBigSneddz90 won 8 Achievements in Dull Grey for 559 points

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Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
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