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PermalinkPreloading update - February 2017
Current status:
76% preloaded. Time: 18 hours. 650 achievements for 25,000 gamerscore and 77,000 TA.

I preloaded Knight Squad and marked down all the fast achievements for The Jackbox Party Pack and Goat Simulator (Xbox One) which had been sitting in my collection. There are no comparable games left I could do that with. I also finally finished preloading Rare Replay's on-disc achievements, except Stampers Forever, for which I just need to earn gamerscore in some more of the constituent Xbox 360 games.

I'm focusing more on my backlog than on preloading at the moment. Though I will preload as much as possible in every game, the likes of Assassin's Creed and Borderlands aren't the most conducive to preloading. Not like Goat Simulator, anyway. As I pre-complete each game, I set the status in my collection to On Hold, moving it out of my active backlog. My goal is to get that backlog down to thirty games by the end of the year, or finishing one game per month. It's going well so far. Already pre-completed Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin with 460G and 1100TA preloaded. Next month's target is looking to be Viva Piñata Achievements.
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