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Back on the website after being gone for more than 5( ) years. So much has changed.

Sleepy Dogg 007

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I need boosters for the following games please. (no dlc) (no dlc) (with dlc) (with dlc) (no dlc) (no dlc) (with dlc) (with dlc)

I could just start up a boosting session but really don't want to. Not unless if that's the only way you will help me :/ And most of the sessions already their aren't good for me. I think I mentioned all the ones I'm intrestead but if you find something on my game list and can convince me to do it then il help :O Im free on the weekend always. Just send me a Pm if your intrestead (^^)

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Sleepy Dogg 007 Mortal Kombat vs dc List 25 in row. Public 4 10 40.00
Sleepy Dogg 007 Mortal Kombat Tournaments Public 2 6 33.33
Sleepy Dogg 007 People who hate halo :) Public 3 5 60.00

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