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mikee363Mushroom Saviormikee363 completed the game Mushroom Savior and is the 685th gamer on the site to complete it
LadyMagritteBad NorthLadyMagritte won 3 Achievements in Bad North for 232 points
LadyMagritteBad NorthLadyMagritte started the game Bad North
LadyMagritteGTASC 2020LadyMagritte registered for the GTASC 2020 event
LadyMagritteRare ReplayLadyMagritte won 3 Achievements in Rare Replay for 394 points
LadyMagritteFullBlastLadyMagritte started the game FullBlast
LadyMagritteInkSplosionLadyMagritte started the game InkSplosion
LadyMagritteEllen - The GameLadyMagritte won 2 Achievements in Ellen - The Game for 192 points
mikee363Little Big Workshopmikee363 won 2 Achievements in Little Big Workshop for 43 points
mikee363Little Big Workshopmikee363 started the game Little Big Workshop
LadyMagritteMr. Massagy: Mayo EditionLadyMagritte won 62 Achievements in Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition for 826 points
mikee363Mushroom Saviormikee363 won 4 Achievements in Mushroom Savior for 452 points
mikee363UnderMinemikee363 won 5 Achievements in UnderMine for 879 points
mikee363UnderMineStreaking achievementmikee363 won the Streaking achievement in UnderMine for 424 points
            Secret Achievementmikee363 won the Secret Achievement in UnderMine for 68 points
mikee363UnderMineBreeder II achievementmikee363 won the Breeder II achievement in UnderMine for 62 points
mikee363mikee363 has reached a new milestone: 750,000 TrueAchievement Score
SluggishturnipsMafia: Definitive EditionSluggishturnips won 19 Achievements in Mafia: Definitive Edition for 628 points
mikee363Mafia: Definitive Editionmikee363 won 16 Achievements in Mafia: Definitive Edition for 361 points
mikee363Mushroom Saviormikee363 won 6 Achievements in Mushroom Savior for 602 points
mikee363Mushroom Saviormikee363 started the game Mushroom Savior
mikee363Mad Maxmikee363 won 6 Achievements in Mad Max for 99 points
mikee363Mad Maxmikee363 won 3 Achievements in Mad Max for 19 points
SluggishturnipsCarrionSluggishturnips won 2 Achievements in Carrion for 74 points
SluggishturnipsBattletoadsSluggishturnips won 2 Achievements in Battletoads for 63 points
SluggishturnipsNeon AbyssSluggishturnips won 2 Achievements in Neon Abyss for 79 points
mikee363Mad Maxmikee363 won 3 Achievements in Mad Max for 18 points

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