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achievements not unlocking but showing 100% completed anyone had this happen

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I am back 2015
Hey anyone on TA is reading this blog after an 11 month hiatus. Were I have still played some games but not really for Gamerscore. Refinding my love of sports gaming having played an ungodly amount of Nba 2k.

Basically just putting up my favorite games of last year (games i played!) as well as a small critique of the last year in gaming.

Top Five games

Number 5: Saints row: The Third

I have always stayed well away from Saints Row games cause it is sold as immature and stupid. However from playing it you can see that the developers know what there doing and the jokes are mostly very funny and although some of it is immature it is very tongue in cheek. I even got to care about the characters by the end of the game!

Number 4: Bioshock Infinite

I loved bioshock 1 and think bioshock 2 is slightly underrated due to the fact its not bioshock 1. But this is an amazingly fun game (bar the witch sequences!) which is also very interesting and thoughtful both about time travel. But also (like the first game and Aryn Rand) it mocks the tea party (and all right wing ideologies) for the stupid racist nonsense that it is. The only thing that keeps it down is the ending which seemed to me to say nothing in any of the bioshock games mattered since it is just a number of different possible worlds. They really should of kept it to the one world idea.

Number 3: Wolf among us

I just love these tell tale games (still need to find time to play walking dead 2 with the misses) They are just very interesting stories with great cliff hangers that keep you wanting more. If only games were going more in to complex stories with multiple choices and immersion but more on that later! If you have not played it go download it right now just so much fun!

Number 2: Tomb Raider

Another game I hadn't got high expectations for but a genially involving story a power full non-sexed up female protagonist. As well as involving and easy to learn game play made this a game i just could not put down. Laura was kicking ass and taking names throughout and you wanted to see what the islands power was and help her help her crew off said island. Another game that if you have not played your missing out on!

Number 1: South park SOT

What can I say about one of my favourite games ever, i am a huge south park fan and watch every episode religiously. So a season of south park that i am in and interact with was just manna from heaven. RPG elements are handled perfectly and the fighting is fun and instinctive although by the end your crew are basically gods that cant die. My only disapointment is an odd one why no DLC they have the tools the world the characters new levels and stories should be easy to make and I for one would buy all of them!

Finally I want to say I have not bought an Xbox one yet I have not seen any games that would make me want to buy the next gen system. The world of computer games seems to be focused on multiplayer games (Evolve, destiny etc etc) I DONT WANT TO PLAY FPS online multiplayer games! Evolve is based around one mode and buying DLC the world as gone mad. The only game i want is NBA 2k15 however i am not paying 500 quid for the privilege! Do buyers have regret yet especially as there is nothing on the horizon!

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Comment by Awoo at 22:07 on 20 Jan 2018

love this game, why can't this get a 4k remaster?

Comment by NBA Kirkland at 22:15 on 20 Jan 2018

I can see the appeal. Unfortunately for me, my rhythm kinda sucks and I have trouble with the octolocks. The game went from 6k - 7k TA for its GwG bump (december)

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Comment by DirtyI30 at 19:59 on 20 Jan 2018

Lol, that's pretty cool actually. I can't deny that PUBG gets the heart racing! Probably what keeps bringing me back to it.

Comment by NBA Kirkland at 20:18 on 20 Jan 2018

I agree. That feeling can be addictive.

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Comment by pTartTX at 17:00 on 20 Jan 2018


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Took three hours but the boosting session went brilliantly.

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