The Outer Worlds is the most satisfying story for me since Fallout 3. Feels like I accomplished something.


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Maka91AnniversaryMaka91 is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by AC Rock3tman at 00:21 on 06 Jun 2023

Happy Birthday!

Comment by Phivos at 00:22 on 06 Jun 2023

Happy birthday!!!

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Comment by o0EviIToaster0o at 06:27 on 05 Jun 2023

Defeat a WHAT

Hexa FoxQuakeShub's Bud achievementHexa Fox won the Shub's Bud achievement in Quake for 509 points
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Hexa FoxQuakeA Close Shave achievementHexa Fox won the A Close Shave achievement in Quake for 118 points
Hexa FoxQuakeFriendly Fire achievementHexa Fox won the Friendly Fire achievement in Quake for 33 points
Hexa FoxQuakeRogue Ranger achievementHexa Fox won the Rogue Ranger achievement in Quake for 532 points
Hexa FoxQuakeDragonslayer achievementHexa Fox won the Dragonslayer achievement in Quake for 78 points
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