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MattyJWestLost Words: Beyond the PageMattyJWest completed the game Lost Words: Beyond the Page and is the 2,343rd gamer on the site to complete it
MattyJWestThe Good LifeMattyJWest started the game The Good Life
Comment by MattyJWest at 11:58 on 19 Jan 2022

lol, thought I'd take a break from these quick completions for the grindiest game I've played in ages

MattyJWestHalo InfiniteMattyJWest won 3 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 82 points
MattyJWestWin StreakMattyJWest is currently on a 25 day achievement win streak
Comment by PursuantDuke at 14:19 on 16 Jan 2022

You comin' for my record? Huh? Huh?

Comment by MattyJWest at 22:26 on 16 Jan 2022

Just checked yours, and yeah nah fuck that lol

Comment by MattyJWest at 22:29 on 16 Jan 2022

This is mostly being driven by the rewards app. 50 reward points every day if you unlock an achievement, along with the other point generators means a decent harvest

ShanksDying LightOpen Sesame achievementShanks won the Open Sesame achievement in Dying Light for 11 points
ShanksSpelunky 2Shanks started the game Spelunky 2
MattyJWestCall of Duty: VanguardMattyJWest completed the game Call of Duty: Vanguard and is the 870th gamer on the site to complete it
ShanksThe PedestrianShanks completed the game The Pedestrian and is the 3,082nd gamer on the site to complete it
ShanksDying LightShanks won 3 Achievements in Dying Light for 25 points
ShanksDying LightShanks started the game Dying Light
ShanksTorchlight IIIShanks won 3 Achievements in Torchlight III for 32 points
ShanksTorchlight IIIShanks started the game Torchlight III
SmoolanderHadesSmoolander won 2 Achievements in Hades for 149 points
ShanksGorogoaShanks won 7 Achievements in Gorogoa for 932 points
ShanksGorogoaOld is New achievementShanks won the Old is New achievement in Gorogoa for 175 points
ShanksGorogoaDevotion achievementShanks won the Devotion achievement in Gorogoa for 144 points
ShanksGorogoaFifth Fruit achievementShanks won the Fifth Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 143 points
ShanksGorogoaFourth Fruit achievementShanks won the Fourth Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 139 points
ShanksGorogoaThird Fruit achievementShanks won the Third Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 124 points
ShanksGorogoaSecond Fruit achievementShanks won the Second Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 107 points
ShanksGorogoaFirst Fruit achievementShanks won the First Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 100 points
ShanksGorogoaShanks started the game Gorogoa
ShanksThe PedestrianShanks won 2 Achievements in The Pedestrian for 380 points
ShanksThe PedestrianApartment achievementShanks won the Apartment achievement in The Pedestrian for 191 points
ShanksThe PedestrianRooftops achievementShanks won the Rooftops achievement in The Pedestrian for 189 points
MattyJWestMattyJWest has reached a new milestone: 430,000 GamerScore
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