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Well, looks like I'm gonna get kicked off the website. Nice getting to know you all. Find me on Xbox


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Comment by Chad and Jessie at 22:55 on 11 Aug 2020


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                Status change by omgeezus at 23:08 on 10 Aug 2020omgeezus status: With my last final to my Bachelor’s degree this Friday, thinking about treating myself to a few games... can’t decide what I’d get, though!
Comment by imaidiot19 at 23:10 on 10 Aug 2020

what are you thinking about?

Comment by omgeezus at 23:11 on 10 Aug 2020

Definitely getting Party Hard 2, but I have no idea what else I’d like. I’m going to take a look through some of the bigger releases from the last year or so as I’ve

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