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Baby on the way - Help!
The weekly format of my blog lasted 16 weeks, which I am quite proud of laugh

Firstly, if anyone is interested, My wife is nearly 6 months pregnant now and I'm going to be a Dad

I don't think this is the time or place to talk about it in any depth but come March I expect that my gaming will virtually disappear for quite some time

Onto my gaming...


Wolfenstein: The New Order Achievements

With the arrival of Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus I made a special effort to finish Wolfenstein: The New Order before I played it. I finished it on PC when it came out so some of it was familiar but I had forgotten how brilliant it was. This was an absolute joy to play

Cuphead Achievements

Haven't been putting too much time into seriously completing this, just casually jumping on and trying to beat a boss or two when I have the time. I think with some practice and time I can finish this title

Don't Starve Together Achievements

Me and the wife have been making excellent progress on this title since its release. We finally managed to tame a Beefalo - something that was extremely difficult and time-consuming

The only real issue we have left is defeating the last boss:

Don't Starve TogetherAncient HistoryThe Ancient History achievement in Don't Starve Together worth 274 pointsDefeated an Ancient Guardian.

Which is somewhat linked to our last achievement for this game:

Don't Starve TogetherTough CrowdThe Tough Crowd achievement in Don't Starve Together worth 114 pointsHad four simultaneous rock lobster followers. Snappy!

Rock lobsters are recommended for killing this last boss so it's our plan to find them then kill him and that's it! Game complete!

The Evil Within 2 Achievements

Just finished my New Game + I missed the damn Key achievement!

The Evil Within 2LocksmithThe Locksmith achievement in The Evil Within 2 worth 85 pointsOpened all lockers.

I'll grab it on the next playthrough, I will most likely need the components anyway as the difficulty will be higher

Lots of unfinished achievements will need to cleared up on my next playthrough, I'll probably write myself a little guide to make sure I don't miss anything

If you have played any of my current titles and have some advice, that would be great!

Let me know what you think!

Until next week,
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