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Permalink2018: Week 7 - I Hate Homefront!
Scoring Period: February 12-18, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 589,263
Gamerscore Increase: 730
Games Completed: 0

Still sticking with the theme of trying to finish off some of my massive backlog. Made some progress on a few of my games. They're all huge time sinks.

Got through a bunch of the Final Fantasy XV Comrades DLC. I was getting excited because I thought I thought the last achievement was for lighting up the whole map. Didn't realize the last one was for lighting the whole map plus hoarding another 370K in power. So lame and frustrating angry!

Making some progress in the time sink that is Gems of War. Finally reached level 500. Currently just working on grinding out weekly stuff for the guild I'm in and saving up souls to purchase that stupid Xathenos card and then I'll be done with this one. I have one part of his card made. 2 more parts to go and his card left. I won't know what to do with all my free time once that is over laugh!

What pissed me off the most this week was Homefront. This game is way to glitchy and the mechanics of this game just suck. I spent a ton of time trying to get Adaptive Warfare to unlock. It's glitched for me though. Having to delete my save file and restart to see if that fixes it. I also had the strike points glitch on me, but thankfully a restart fixed that one. Now I just have to play through yet another run of this god awful game until I have enough money to purchase all of the weapons and attachments again. This time it better freaking unlock. I want this game done with and deleted.

Guess I have a few grinds ahead of me ...

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Ethan: Meteor Hunter: 50 [50/1,000]
Final Fantasy XV: 60 [1,110/1,860]
Gems of War: 100 [1,660/1,700]
Gigantic: 20 [280/1,000]
Halo Wars 2: 20 [215/1,750]
Homefront: The Revolution: 300 [1,400/1,450]
Human Fall Flat: 20 [90/1,000]
King Oddball: 60 [90/1,000]

Xbox 360
Crystal Defenders: 60 [60/200]
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: 20 [360/400]

IonBallEX (WP): 15 [15/200]
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Permalink2018: Week 6 - Game Cleanup
Scoring Period: February 5-11, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 588,533
Gamerscore Increase: 2,760
Games Completed: 4

Actually cleaned up a few of my games this week clap. Felt really good clearing a couple of these out. I'm such a nerd I actually went through my stuff and made an excel sheet of the games I can clean up quickly lmao. I have around 30 of them on my list. I'm sure I have more than this though.

Started and finished the game Paladin in less than an hour. Super easy, quick game. Not much too it.

Finished off Livelock. Was boring grinding out the last bit, but the game was an ok co-op. Glad I finally went back and just finished it though. Some of these I just let sit there cause the grind just sucks. Same deal with Defense Grid 2 this week. I needed to finish a couple of miscellaneous things and then I needed an upgrade for one of my laser towers. Of course I got upgrades for everything else but that. Was actually able to work while doing this, but it was still driving me crazy. Darn thing finally popped for me, so yay!

Dark Arcana I just needed to do another run through with playing Monaco instead. That's where I'm pretty much at with most of my Artifex Mundi games I have left.

Finally finished off Community Ambassador in Project Cars. Now that game will definitely sit there for a while. Not sure if I'll ever finish that one.

Also made some progress in Plague Inc and Slayaway Camp. Just 2 grindy achievements left in Slayaway Camp. Still have a bunch to do in Plague Inc, but I'm making progress for sure.

Guess I'll get back to finishing up more Final Fantasy XV. So much to do in that with the DLC still.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Dark Arcana: The Carnival: 340 [1,000/1,000]
Defense Grid 2: 30 [1,000/1,000]
Livelock: 285 [715/1,000]
Paladin: 1,000 [1,000/1,000]
Plague Inc: Evolved: 200 [1,175/1,540]
Project CARS: 20 [165/1,000]
Rememoried: 400 [800/1,000]
Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut: 185 [890/1,000]
Vertical Drop Heroes HD: 300 [400/1,000]

Xbox 360

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Permalink2018: Week 5 - Is winter still here?
Scoring Period: January 29 - February 4, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 585,773
Gamerscore Increase: 895
Games Completed: 0

Super condensed week of gaming for me. Headed out on Thursday to my daughter's out of town ringette tournament and had a ton of end of month stuff to deal with. Still managed to finish off 2 base games. Just the DLC to deal with for them now.

I managed to blast through the last bit of the Final Fantasy XV main story. While I still really love the game, they sure did leave a ton of plot holes. I realize they're filling the plot holes with DLC but honestly ... everything should have made sense without DLC. The beginning of the game is so great. Open world, explore where you want. But as soon as you leave to take the ship to Altissia the game gets insanely linear and it's a mad dash to the ending. Seriously! They made all these really beautiful areas off of the main continent and there is hardly anything to do there. I just don't get it. I have a feeling that by the time they are done with this game there will be some alternate timeline and anything that happened at the end of the game won't even be cannon anymore. If this game gets a new achievement list on Win 10 I just might wait until everything is released to enjoy the game on that platform. It is a really good game so I would stack it, even with the plot holes.

Other than that I was pretty much on the road with my family. So I kept my streak alive with some Gimme Five. Was actually really nice to have a mini vacation. The parents on my older daughter's team are a super fun group to party with, so we had an awesome long weekend. I managed to get home last night and finish off the base game for Lies of Astaroth. I'm still having some trouble with the torment maps, but now that I have the money achievement out of the way I can just focus on upgrading some of my cards now. Hopefully finish this entire game off in the next couple of months. I feel like I'm getting really close. If anyone has any great decks let me know what they are wink.

Sorta hoping to finish off Livelock this week. Another busy one for me though. Both kids in tournaments this weekend but at least these ones are near home.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV: 430 [1,050/1,860]
Lies of Astaroth: 50 [1,910/2,010]
Livelock: 205 [715/1,000]
Rememoried: 100 [400/1,000]

Xbox 360

Gimme Five (Win 10): 110 [455/1,000]
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Permalink2018: Week 4 - RPGing
Scoring Period: January 22-28, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 584,878
Gamerscore Increase: 1,320
Games Completed: 2

Way behind on my weekly recap. Had one hell of an end of the month crunch. That and I couldn't stop playing Final Fantasy XV laugh.

Actually finished up 2 games this week. Finally finished off grinding out the last 30 levels in Mahjong. Wouldn't have been so bad if the interface on this game weren't so horrible.

Also finished off the challenges in Momonga Pinball Adventures. Glad that one is done with. Pretty easy game and easy to do the challenges by just deleting your save and replaying the first level a few times once you're done the game.

Really trying to work on finishing up some of my really long games like Gems of War and Lies of Astaroth. These 2 are eating up a ton of hours. Gems of war I pretty much need to just grind out souls for that Xathenos troop. I have a couple of good decks in that game now so it should be pretty easy, just really time consuming. Lies of Astaroth I'm closing in on my 10 mil achievement. Once I have that I can spend some money and update my decks which are now pretty decent. I should be able to finish off the last torment achievements then. Just nabbed myself 2 Heaven Keeper cards from the daily limit pack the other day. That made me insanely happy. Been wanting that card forever.

I started up Monster Hunter last week and not sure what to make of it yet. Really lame when characters don't speak in games now a days. I know reading endless dialogue is a very JRPG thing though. But the characters also climb like crazy monkeys which drives me a little crazy too. Guess I'll get more into this one once I'm completely done with Final Fantasy XV.

Other than that, I'm just really enjoying Final Fantasy XV. A lot of plot holes in the story. I know they were covered with DLC but it's really weird. I still like the game though. Really hope they release another achievement list for it on Win 10. I would stack this one no problem.

Closing in on 600K GamerScore and 1 Mil TA. I might need to have a big week soon wink.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV: 120 [620/1,860]
Halo: The Master Chief Collection: 30 [3,910/6,000]
Lies of Astaroth: 50 [1,860/2,010]
Lilith-M: 370 [520/1,000]
Mahjong: 300 [1,000/1,000]
Momonga Pinball Adventures: 100 [1,000/1,000]
Monster Hunter: World: 5 [5/1,000]
NHL 18: 45[210/1,000]
Rememoried: 300 [300/1,000]

Xbox 360

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Permalink2018: Week 3 - Grindage
Scoring Period: January 15-21, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 583,558
Gamerscore Increase: 1,505
Games Completed: 0

So I picked up the pace a little bit this week. Would have actually finished another game if the last achievement in NBA 2K17: The Prelude wasn't unobtainble. I really should have done this at the end of last year. Sorta bummed about that. Maybe they'll fix it ...

Spent an insane amount of hours playing Gems of War this week. I wanted to get the event achievement completed. That took forever. I'm really glad I figured out the other week about the 4X speed up. I can't believe I have been playing at regular speed for so long angry. I'm finally getting some really good teams set up in this game for farming. Hoping to earn a bunch more money this week to level up more kingdoms while I grind out some trait stones to finish off my Kraken team. After that I'll be grinding souls for that stupid Xathenos card.

Managed to finish a bunch of Livelock with Balarush this week as well. Thanks for the help with the co-op stuff SloppyJoe811. Really appreciate it smile

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Crazy Strike Bowling EX: 100 [700/1,000]
Final Fantasy XV: [500/1,860]
Gems of War: 115 [1,560/1,700]
Livelock: 470 [510/1,000]
NBA 2K17: The Prelude: 800 [800/1,000]

Xbox 360
Hexic 2: 20 [20/200]

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