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Permalink2018: Week 24 - Done with some grinds
Scoring Period: June 18-24, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 621,846
Gamerscore Increase: 1,125
Games Completed: 3

Had a pretty focused week of game. Mostly stuck with Far Cry so I could finish of Far Cry: Ooga Booga. Really happy that one is done. Was sort of a chore to finish off.

Also started up Far Cry 5. Pretty impressed with the opening of that game. I have much higher hopes for this iteration. Had to play though the opening island so I could unlock the MP to boost. Knocked the mp out, so now I can just enjoy the game.

Remembered I had some Rocket League stuff to finish off and I saw they fixed the certified achievement. Booted it up and my certified achievement finally popped so I decided to finish that one off. Really can't stand that game. It's driving so pretty meh for me. My youngest daughter was super sweet and played 2 of my placement matches for me. 10 less minutes of pain for me. I was actually starting to win one of my placement matches and of course the other dude quit... Anyway it's all done now so dance.

Also finished off Gems of War again for the umpteenth time. Finally had enough crystals to finish off the new pet rescue achievement. That motivated me to just grind out the newest updates weapon achievements. All done again until another achievement update. I'll be quite happy if they just leave this one at 1,950 GamerScore.

Picked up Jurassic World Evolution this week. Youngest daughter is a huge Jurassic Park fan. Dinos look pretty good. Don't mind the park sim aspect of it either. Should be an ok game.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Far Cry 5: 120 [120/1,200]
Far Cry Primal: 570 [1,000/1,000]
Gems of War: 130 [1,950/1,950]
Jurassic World Evolution: 30 [30/1,000]
Rocket League: 275 [1,950/1,950]

Xbox 360

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Permalink2018: Week 23 - Working through some Far Cry
Scoring Period: June 11-17, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 620,721
Gamerscore Increase: 1,230
Games Completed: 2

Well now that I'm out of GTASC I figure it's time for me to plow through some of my backlog. Decided to work my way through some series. I'm currently on a bit of a roll with Far Cry clean up. Have a lot of really good series in the backlog to clean up but this one seemed like a good place to start.

Managed to finish of the last DLC for Far Cry 4 on the 360. Super underwhelming DLC. Also super underwhelming is Far Cry Primal. Really not a fan of that game. The ooga booga talk just has me completely uninvested in the story for some reason. Find myself skipping most of the cutscenes actually. It's just annoying. I will give it one +. It's a really beautiful game. Scenery is pretty amazing. Story is bleh.

Finished another game this week that I have no clue what the story is. Used the lovely console commands to knock out Conan Exiles. Tbh I don't think I missed much by doing that.

Also finished off Lilith-M this week. Dwaggienite had some really great video guides for this, so thanks smile.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Conan Exiles: 420 [1,000/1,000]
Far Cry Primal: 240 [430/1,000]
Lilith-M: 200 [800/1,000]
Tiny Troopers Joint Ops: 50 [50/1,000]

Xbox 360
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: 70 [80/400]
Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360): 250 [1,250/1,250]

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Permalink2018: Week 21 & 22: GTASC #FunRun over & E3 Musings
Scoring Period: May 28 - June 10, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 619,486
Gamerscore Increase: 3,253
Games Completed: 2


So my GTASC 2018 #FunRun is over. Finished 239th this year cry. Probably a good thing. My obsessive compulsiveness was still getting to me. However, thanks to a house guest and cottage renos being back in full swing I may now gain some sanity. Who am I kidding? I'll still game like crazy, but I definitely have a lot more good stuff on the docket. Good luck to everyone still in it this year. I'll be watching it all happily from the sidelines.

E3 Musings

I finally had time to finish watching a good chunk of the E3 conferences. I'm pretty excited for the future of gaming. Lots of good games coming down the pipeline. From what I have had time to watch, I would rate the conferences in the following order:

Square Enix

I haven't had time to watch Sony's or Nintendo's yet, but my buddies said Sony's was not the greatest. Apparently there was even a reporter that just wanted to go home from it laugh.

Honestly I think Microsoft nailed it this year. Lot's of good looking games coming out. Not a ton of exclusives that I'm dying for other than the new Halo has me intrigued. Will probably be waiting quite a while for that one. Gears of War 5 will be a definite play for me. Hope that Gears Pop game has achievements lmao. Other games that definitely have my attention from this conference are Dying Light 2 (need to play the first :P) and Cyberpunk 2077.

Bethesda has so much coming out in the future, that there conference was pretty amazing. I will definitely be looking out for more info on their new IP Starfield. Elder Scrolls will be a long ways off. I'll probably play the new Fallout 76, but I really should blast through the old one that I have and haven't played yet roll.

Ubisoft's conference was the same as it usually is. They have a ton of stuff in the works. I was pretty interested in the Skull & Bones games until it started to look like a Sea of Thieves clone. Assassin's Creed looks great, so does Beyond Good and Evil (both franchises that I have to finish playing games in).

EA's conference seemed very awkward this year. I was mostly watching to hear more about Anthem. Wasn't really into the girl they had MCing the event. She was just annoying. The whole format was a little bit off. Anthem does look really nice though. Would have loved to have heard more about the next Dragon Age, but Anthem will have to do. The Battlefield V trailer with the girl looked pretty great too (still haven't played one of my Battlefield games I own yet ffs).

The SquareEnix conference wasn't really a conference. It was just a video with trailers for all of their games coming out. Was really hoping to see some Final Fantasy VII remaster, but NO .... Already new about Shadow of the Tomb Raider and they showed most of the same stuff we already no about so no surprise there. I'll probably get Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.

Anyway, that's my take on E3 so far. I'll have to go back through the list of games that were announced to see what else I missed. I know there were a couple of them wink.

Last 2 Weeks of Gaming

Even with being stupid busy I did fit in some gaming the last 2 weeks. Was able to knock some more achievements out thanks to the Viral Event. Gt a bunch done in Charlie Murder and also knocked out the viral stuff in Halo Wars 2 and CastleStorm.

Finally finished off my last play through of Oxenfree to complete the game. Also started and finished Occultic;Nine. Another JP game I have no clue what's going on.

Spent a ton of time playing Neverwinter the last couple of weeks. Lot's to do in it still but I definitely made a big dent.

I was really excited that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition finally came out and actually has achievements tied to it. Played through the first chapter. Super cute. Love that the levels are short. Looking forward to playing more of that one.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Color Symphony 2: 50 [100/1,000]
Conan Exiles: 580 [580/1,000]
Final Fantasy XV: 110 [1,550/2,100]
Fortnite: 10 [120/1,000]
Halo Wars 2: 20 [235/1,750]
InkSplosion: 280 [280/1,000]
Lilith-M: 180 [800/1,000]
Neverwinter: 420 [1,890/2,525]
OCCULTIC;NINE: 1,000 [1,000/1,000]
OXENFREE: 50 [1,000/1,000]
Titanfall: 155 [2,000/2,000]
Titan Quest: 10 [10/1,000]

Xbox 360
CastleStorm: 30 [35/200]
Charlie Murder: 130 [140/200]
Fable II: 60 [710/1,350]
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords: 60 [70/250]

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Win 10): 95 [95/1,000]
Guitar Hero 5 (WP): 10 [50/200]
Rabbids Big Bang (WP): 3 [34/200]
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Permalink2018: Week 20 - Viral Bonanza
Scoring Period: May 21-27, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 616,233
Gamerscore Increase: 1,227
Games Completed: roll

Well I'm loving the viral event this year. First time I've ever been able to get into a Fable II viral event session and I've tried the last 2 years. Guess I can power through that game now. I would have done it sooner, but it really looks horrendous, even on Xbox One. Plus all the dudes you can marry in the game are absolutely disgusting. Can't stand it. Most homely looking men I've ever seen in a game facepalm.

Decided to breakout Minecraft on the 360 this week and finish off some of the MP stuff. Almost done with it. Just need to whip out my extra controllers for the last ones. Not much left to do in that game. I'd love to find a world to help me with the achievements that I don't have, but I think I might have to suck it up and finish it off legit.

Started up the Ignis DLC in Final Fantasy XV. Like it so far. Seems pretty short.

Other than that I'm still dealing with my insane Neverwinter addiction. I broke down and bought some campaign completion coins from the zen market. I have way too much catching up to do and I don't feel like spending all of my time doing dailies to catch up. Really nice whipping through the missions without the time gate on everything. Hopefully I'll be hitting up a lot of Chult stuff soon. Finally got my Trickster Rogue up over 11K for my item level and have access to pretty much everything now. Woo Hoo! dance

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Bike Mayhem 2: 10 [20/1,000]
Color Symphony 2: 50 [50/1,000]
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 15 [55/1,570]
Final Fantasy XV: 90 [1,470/2,100]
Neverwinter: 280 [1,270 990/2,525]
Paladins: Champions of the Realm: 45 [70/1,205]

Xbox 360
Fable II: 455 [650/1,350]
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition: 270 [1,780/2,025]

W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim (Win 10): 12 [649/1,048]
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Permalink2018: Week 20 - Sneaking through another GTASC week
Scoring Period: May 14-20, 2018
Ending Gamerscore: 615,006
Gamerscore Increase: 613
Games Completed: 1

This past week felt really short. Made it through another week of GTASC, but used up my last bonus. My days are pretty much numbered. Getting too busy with cottage renos and the kids schedule is busier than mine.

Still plugging away at Neverwinter. Sort of time gated by 2 of the campaigns now, so I'm pretty much just doing some dailies and running the epic dungeons that I can.

Did a play through of the Prompto DLC in Final Fantasy XV. Not too bad and it was pretty quick. Gonna finish up the next DLC and then see what else I can clean up easily. Not in too much of a rush with this one as I'm pretty sure a lot more achievements are coming down the pipeline.

Went back and got another cheevo in Lilith-M. I should really just finish that off so I can delete it.

Guess I'll see if I can make it through another week of GTASC here.

That's it for now!
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What I played:

Xbox One
Deadlight: Directors Cut: 30 [390/1,000]
Dreamals: Dream Quest: 125 [175/1,000]
Final Fantasy XV: 90 [1,380/2,100]
Fortnite: 20 [110/1,000]
Lilith-M: 100 [620/1,000]
Mega Coin Squad: 100 [160/1,000]
Neverwinter: 140 [990/2,525]
Super Mega Baseball 2: 5 [140/1,000]

Xbox 360

Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8): 3 [34/200]
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