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                Status change by Cro11 at 13:35 on 20 Feb 2020Cro11 status: Is anthem worth 8.00?
Comment by Cro11 at 13:36 on 20 Feb 2020

I was thing about buying it then maybe after they do the full rework it will be good

Comment by Arkzein at 14:34 on 20 Feb 2020

I'd buy it at that (better than the $100 I paid!). The gameplay is honestly pretty damn enjoyable, it's the dearth content that lets it down.

Comment by Arkzein at 14:34 on 20 Feb 2020

Easy enough completion too. I haven't uninstalled it yet, waiting for the revamp to try it out again.

CRIM50NBorderlands 3
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