Ray...when someone asks you if you're a Gamer, you say YES!


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Comment by HappyTheDevil at 04:21 on 07 Dec 2022


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NetechmaFar Cry 5
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                  Status change by Netechma at 19:31 on 06 Dec 2022Netechma status: my friend group and I are hosting a contest to eat a can of 🍞 for the new Sonic game. Check out my twitter on my profile for more info. Yes really
Comment by HappyTheDevil at 19:36 on 06 Dec 2022

Why are you eating a can?

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NetechmaCave BadNetechma won 3 Achievements in Cave Bad for 145 points
NetechmaPeggle 2Netechma started the game Peggle 2
Comment by atryeu1 at 20:48 on 05 Dec 2022

I still want to buy this but it's never on sale lol

Comment by Scorpionxx0 at 03:48 on 06 Dec 2022

Save up bing points till you get enough for an Xbox gift card large enough to pay full price.

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NetechmaAragami 2Netechma won 2 Achievements in Aragami 2 for 24 points
NetechmaHouse FlipperNetechma started the game House Flipper
LimitableDjay12 Days of ChristmasLimitableDjay registered for the 12 Days of Christmas event
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NetechmaFall GuysNetechma won 3 Achievements in Fall Guys for 40 points
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NetechmaFall GuysFall Bae achievementNetechma won the Fall Bae achievement in Fall Guys for 12 points

                  Status change by Netechma at 03:21 on 04 Dec 2022Netechma status:
Comment by Netechma at 03:23 on 04 Dec 2022

Come boost with us or something or just hang out and say hi. Whatever 🤷‍♂️

Comment by Darklord Davis at 04:06 on 04 Dec 2022

Idk that sounds pretty cool 🤷‍♀️

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NetechmaUntitled DarknessNetechma started the game Untitled Darkness
          Secret AchievementNetechma won the Secret Achievement in Zoffice for 100 points
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