Man, there's a lot of selfish, toxic people on TA but that's nothing new I guess. Some of y'all have no manners or respect towards others.


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Comment by alpaca777 at 16:52 on 21 Apr 2021

really? that much?

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 21:32 on 21 Apr 2021

Yeah man really great game pal

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Comment by SoulSurvivor43 at 13:59 on 21 Apr 2021

A whole console generation later and it's still plagued with the most incoherent, incomprehensible, and impulsive player base i've had the displeasure of playing with!

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Comment by Blue n Gold Eel at 11:07 on 20 Apr 2021

I wouldn't pay them a cent.

Comment by Funnnkyyy at 11:24 on 20 Apr 2021

Have been one for a number of years. This time it lapsed out. Each to their own :)

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Comment by OldSchoolBlood at 12:36 on 19 Apr 2021

Congrats! You have any issues with glitchy achievements?

Comment by Funnnkyyy at 12:42 on 19 Apr 2021

Yeah the complete a map with one oath. I had to do the usb trick for it to unlock which means it reset my progress from Max rank :( but at least its completed :)

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