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DA DANNYBOY24MinecraftDA DANNYBOY24 won 2 Achievements in Minecraft for 114 points
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Comment by WN VET at 20:36 on 08 Dec 2021

This game made me feel like I was smoking PCP

Jazzy201UnoJazzy201 completed the game Uno and is the 5,884th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS at 13:01 on 08 Dec 2021

Lucky I want to get this game done but the fucking pos crashes every time before the main menu and Ubisoft won't fix it its been over a year and a prevelant problem

Comment by Jazzy201 at 13:29 on 08 Dec 2021

Try it on your Series X. You'll probably have better luck with it-

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Jazzy201UnoJazzy201 won 9 Achievements in Uno for 1772 points
Jazzy201UnoNerves of Steel achievementJazzy201 won the Nerves of Steel achievement in Uno for 278 points
Jazzy201UnoSocializer achievementJazzy201 won the Socializer achievement in Uno for 372 points
Jazzy201UnoThe Right Choice achievementJazzy201 won the The Right Choice achievement in Uno for 119 points
Jazzy201UnoFlying Higher achievementJazzy201 won the Flying Higher achievement in Uno for 504 points
Jazzy201UnoOur House achievementJazzy201 won the Our House achievement in Uno for 69 points
Jazzy201UnoJust a Machine achievementJazzy201 won the Just a Machine achievement in Uno for 199 points
Jazzy201UnoJoker achievementJazzy201 won the Joker achievement in Uno for 33 points
Jazzy201UnoAction achievementJazzy201 won the Action achievement in Uno for 113 points
Jazzy201UnoGood Eye achievementJazzy201 won the Good Eye achievement in Uno for 85 points
AcaelusTAssassin's CreedAcaelusT has rated the game Assassin's Creed 3 out of 5
Comment by AcaelusT at 03:56 on 08 Dec 2021

Took 1 start solely for this cunts from Ubisoft forcing me to find all these useless moronic flags

Comment by AcaelusT at 03:56 on 08 Dec 2021

So angry i cant type.

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Jazzy201UnoJazzy201 won 3 Achievements in Uno for 76 points
Jazzy201UnoBe Heard achievementJazzy201 won the Be Heard achievement in Uno for 34 points
Jazzy201UnoA Good Start achievementJazzy201 won the A Good Start achievement in Uno for 32 points
Jazzy201UnoWelcome achievementJazzy201 won the Welcome achievement in Uno for 10 points
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Jazzy201UnoJazzy201 started the game Uno
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