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SashamorningStarfieldSashamorning won 3 Achievements in Starfield for 315 points
SashamorningStarfieldSashamorning completed the story in Starfield
omgeezusTOEMomgeezus completed the game TOEM and is the 3,615th gamer on the site to complete it
omgeezusTOEMomgeezus won 14 Achievements in TOEM for 626 points
omgeezusTOEMCosplayer achievementomgeezus won the Cosplayer achievement in TOEM for 46 points
omgeezusTOEMA great story achievementomgeezus won the A great story achievement in TOEM for 26 points
omgeezusTOEMCollect them all achievementomgeezus won the Collect them all achievement in TOEM for 72 points
omgeezusTOEMIce fighter achievementomgeezus won the Ice fighter achievement in TOEM for 44 points
omgeezusTOEMStrong as an oak achievementomgeezus won the Strong as an oak achievement in TOEM for 43 points
omgeezusTOEMAll geared up achievementomgeezus won the All geared up achievement in TOEM for 24 points
omgeezusTOEMHappy youth achievementomgeezus won the Happy youth achievement in TOEM for 25 points
omgeezusTOEMSeaworthy achievementomgeezus won the Seaworthy achievement in TOEM for 41 points
omgeezusTOEMCalm as the sea achievementomgeezus won the Calm as the sea achievement in TOEM for 39 points
omgeezusTOEMAnd some more achievementomgeezus won the And some more achievement in TOEM for 47 points
omgeezusWin Streakomgeezus is currently on a 2000 achievement win streak
Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 04:55 on 02 Oct 2023

Very impressive!

MightyMangoMoving Out 2MightyMango started the game Moving Out 2
Cer3bra1AsassinI'll Be BackCer3bra1Asassin has earned Gold in the I'll Be Back Target
GTN EricZombie Derby (Windows)GTN Eric won 2 Achievements in Zombie Derby (Windows) for 201 points
MightyMangoMightyMango has reached a new milestone: 47,750 Achievements Won
MightyMangoLove KuesutoMightyMango won 5 Achievements in Love Kuesuto for 490 points
MightyMangoLove KuesutoMightyMango started the game Love Kuesuto
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TA Difference Week 39 2023 97,502 257,917 37.80
TrueAchievement Week 39 2023 125,724 340,903 36.88
Gamerscore Week 39 2023 128,725 340,903 37.76
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Won in All Games 26,476 View history chart 955,008 2.77
TrueAchievement in All Games 31,604 View history chart 955,008 3.31
TrueAchievement in All Games USA 6,524 View history chart 45,968 14.19
Achievements Won in All Games USA 5,491 View history chart 45,968 11.95
TrueAchievement in All Games Florida 371 View history chart 2,532 14.65
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o DEEVIUS o TRUE TITLES Public 319 499 63.93
Clemenstation Gamers With Jobs Request 17 155 10.97
TrueAchievement's Player of the week Public 44 129 34.11
SpectreSubZero Gamertag Nation Public 47 65 72.31
blomphil2 Beleaguered Husbands Unite Public 25 43 58.14
lostassassin13 GamerDads Request 14 35 40.00
Reborn Insanity Gold Voters Request 17 23 73.91
Redodua Solutions 100+ Voted Request 4 18 22.22
SingleMomOfTwo Voters of TrueAchievements Public 9 13 69.23

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