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SprinkyDinkPhantom AbyssSprinkyDink won 3 Achievements in Phantom Abyss for 2331 points
Jzarp43Moving OutJzarp43 started the game Moving Out
SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink has reached a new milestone: 2,620,000 TrueAchievement Score
quiettime3The StoryTalequiettime3 won 8 Achievements in The StoryTale for 720 points
quiettime3The StoryTalequiettime3 started the game The StoryTale
XpovosQuakeXpovos completed the game Quake and is the 1,748th gamer on the site to complete it
XpovosQuakeXpovos won 16 Achievements in Quake for 2940 points
XpovosQuakeRogue Ranger achievementXpovos won the Rogue Ranger achievement in Quake for 532 points
XpovosQuakeDischarge achievementXpovos won the Discharge achievement in Quake for 160 points
XpovosQuakeOtherworldly achievementXpovos won the Otherworldly achievement in Quake for 532 points
XpovosQuakeThe Painless Maze achievementXpovos won the The Painless Maze achievement in Quake for 183 points
XpovosQuakeThe Well of Wishes achievementXpovos won the The Well of Wishes achievement in Quake for 135 points
XpovosQuakeSandy's Room achievementXpovos won the Sandy's Room achievement in Quake for 86 points
XpovosQuakeThe House of Doom achievementXpovos won the The House of Doom achievement in Quake for 86 points
XpovosQuakeA Long Yard achievementXpovos won the A Long Yard achievement in Quake for 83 points
XpovosQuakeMilitary Complex achievementXpovos won the Military Complex achievement in Quake for 77 points
XpovosQuakeNevermore achievementXpovos won the Nevermore achievement in Quake for 63 points
XpovosQuakeInto Sandy's City achievementXpovos won the Into Sandy's City achievement in Quake for 78 points
XpovosQuakeVengeance Denied achievementXpovos won the Vengeance Denied achievement in Quake for 81 points
XpovosQuakeMachinehead achievementXpovos won the Machinehead achievement in Quake for 535 points
Ms DudetteRedfallNice Try achievementMs Dudette won the Nice Try achievement in Redfall for 36 points
YODA12320 shared the Layers of Fears achievement list at 22:17 on 04 Jun 2023Layers of FearsYODA12320 shared the Layers of Fears achievement list
Taillear DubhAdiosSpicy achievementTaillear Dubh won the Spicy achievement in Adios for 39 points
Taillear DubhSwordbreaker: Origins (Windows)Taillear Dubh completed the game Swordbreaker: Origins (Windows) and is the 76th gamer on the site to complete it
Taillear DubhQuakeTaillear Dubh completed the game Quake and is the 1,747th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by YODA12320 at 21:30 on 04 Jun 2023YODA12320 status: Xbox removes six titles from leaving soon Game Pass list probably 2nd half of June 2023 removals
iceyzCassette Beastsiceyz won 6 Achievements in Cassette Beasts for 159 points
Taillear DubhTaillear Dubh has reached a new milestone: 34,250 Achievements Won
XpovosXpovos has reached a new milestone: 19,000 Achievements Won
Comment by BenL72 at 21:24 on 04 Jun 2023


Comment by Xpovos at 21:59 on 04 Jun 2023

GTASC is doing bad things to me.

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In Memory of E3
In Memory of E3Earn 5+ achievements with the letter “E” and the number “3” in the game or achievement name
Joined on 27 May 2023
Ends on 30 Jun 2023
3,395 participants
4 achievements for Bronze
Bronze medal
Collect 4 the Devil
Collect 4 the DevilEarn 5+ achievements with the Collectable flag
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Run and Gun in the Sun
Run and Gun in the SunEarn Gamerscore in games with the genre "Run & Gun", "Sports", "First Person Shooter" or "Third Person Shooter"
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SpirochaeteGold medal
1,000 gamerscore - Gold earned
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Gamerscore Week 22 2023 3,012 259,824 1.16
TrueAchievement Week 22 2023 3,247 259,824 1.25
TA Difference Week 22 2023 3,414 195,405 1.75
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TrueAchievement in Music Games 56 View history chart 449,744 0.01
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