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I'm just on lunch at work and again the thought comes to me. I cannot believe handydarkness made the decision to leave this world. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't a big fan of the guy, but still every now and then I think of him, and I won't lie it makes me upset. Even though we weren't that close I know he had many friends and loved ones that loved him dearly. Whether it was through boosting session or just hanging out, he made a lot of people happy. I think about what I said when it first came out, and honestly wish I could have taken it back. It was foolish of me to do that so early, and I hope it didn't negatively effect anyone who loved him. If so, I'm sorry. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter who you hate, no matter who might be kinda mean or.might have rubbed you off the wrong way, always show love. I know lots of people didn't like handy, but maybe if we all had said good things to him he wouldn't have done it. No way to tell but we can use this as a way to progress forward. To all my friends here on ta and even the people who may not like me. I love you all and hope everyone stays safe. Please everyone in Texas as well stay safe I know it's hard right now there. Thank you for reading everyone.
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PermalinkMy xbox 360 list physical
Warhammer Space marine
Bakugan Defenders of the core
The penguins of madagascar dr blowholes revenge
Alone in the dark
gi joe rise of the cobra
Once upon a monster
Rise of the argonauts
Child of eden
sniper ghost warrior
infernal hells vengeance
lego indiana jones 2
need for speed undercover
need for speed hot pursuit
adventures of tintin
X men The official game
zone of the enders
pirates of the carribean at worlds end
eat lead return of mat hazard
dance central
raven squad
the evil within
rock of the dead
beowulf the game
generator rex agent of provence
meet the robinson
game party in motion
samurai warriors 2 empires
dynasty warriors 6 empires
madden 12
biggest loser ultimate workout
happy feet two
resident evil revelations
spider man 3
007 quantum of solace
rock revolution
risen 2
pocketbike racer
yoostar 2
fifa soccer 09
nba live 09
dmc devil may cry
dead space 3
ninety nine lights
alpha protocol
castlevania collection
attack of the movies 3d
twister mania
adrenaloin misfits
darksiders 2
kingdom under fire circle of doom
rock band 2
mass effect 3
darkstar one
madden 09
nhl 2k9
nhl 12
madden 08
michael phelps push the limits
enslaved odyssey to the west
rogue warrior
lost via domus
marvel ultimate alliance
truth or lies
kane and lynch dog days 2
madden 12
devil may cry 4
enchanted arms
dragon age 2
power gig rise of the sixth string
warriors orochi
grand theft auto 5

I have decided not to sell at this moment. This is my reference to my physical games.
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PermalinkXbox 360 games.
I may be writing a blog post soon with all of my Xbox 360 games that I won't mind selling. A lot of them are cheap and probably already owned but who knows. I'll write it and post it when I get the chance. If you want to buy some of them just private message me with what you want.
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PermalinkWhat to do?
I've spent hundreds of dollars on buying cheap Xbox 360 games over the years but I don't see myself.playing all or even half of them because my Xbox one library is huge. What do I do? Can't really resell them and don't necessarily want to but I feel like I wasted a lot of money.
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PermalinkThe days grow longer...
Not even sure if I will post this. I just need a place to talk...
Another day, more problems. Whether it is a coworker telling me that I am small and lame, or a customer getting upset, there are always problems. Today I saw a friend from school at work. Little did I know he didnt seem to be a friend anymore. I walked up to greet him, and instead of the friendship i remembered I was greeted behind a fake smile and an "I have to go" excuse. Going to the gym was a way to be by myself for an hour every few days, trying to get into shape, knowing I am at least bettering my physical body. Sadly, this happiness only stays for so long. I slowly fall back into the same hole that seems to be getting deeper every day. Some days are good, don't get me wrong, but unfortunately I find myself wondering where i will be, or who I am, and these thoughts make me sad. I don't feel like Ill ever be able to succeed in my programming vision. I dont feel like ill ever get bigger like I have tried to do so many times. In my whole life, video games have always been a way for me to forget about life, forget about the outside world and be me. Ive always enjoyed it, and now I find myself sitting with the screen paused, thinking again about all the issues that I have. I think about how many friends I have, and I see that I do not have many. Sure, I talk to people on here, but none reach out to play with me. I have to work for it. I never get that long sought party invite. Or that hey lets play battlefield message. So I look at my real world friends. It is lonely. Ive had three best friends in my life. The first was awesome. Sadly, we grew apart, as he became closer to my other best friend and talked less and less to me. The second best friend and I had a long friendship. Never fought. Never had problems. We had a fall out after he started seeing my ex very soon after our break up. That was a stab in that heart, and although we are reuniting and hanging out, it just isnt the same. And the third, and honestly most important to me. He has always been there. I can remember three years ago getting on xbox and always having that friend to talk to. Whether it was discussing real world problems, gaming problems, it didnt matter. It was just awesome to always have that friend. Sadly, I messed up today, and it seems like it has been an ongoing thing. I dont want to lose this relationship too. Its lonely down here. I have not cried in a while, but tonight I shed tears. I just hope tomorrow is brighter.
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