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Not gonna be going to far in depth on this, did that last time. You can check it out if you want.

1. (--) Vicious and Delicious
2. (--) Is This Team UHH?
3. (--) Ganker' Preloaded
4. (+3) The Godz Reborn
5. (-1) Killers of Unicorn Killers.
6. (--) The Big Willie 4.0 (Bigger Than Ever Before)
7. (NR) Wolfos Team
8. (NR) We Got This! v3
9. (-1) Pomelachev
10. (NR) Dirk Gently & The Rowdy Three

Honorable Mentions:
1. (NM) English Warriors
2. (-1) It's Raining Hell Dawgs & Krazie Munkehs
3. (NM) Victorious Secret

Off the Rankings:
(-6) Megaladons Assemble
(-2) Conquistaria BR (Eliminated)
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Hello all. I'm gonna get right to the point here. Seeing as others have done rankings, I figured I may as well too! smilewave

Power Rankings

1. Vicious and Delicious
Everyone knows by now we're in it to win it. A look back in GTASC history shows every member in this team having top-15 finishes in the past. A couple of us with multiple top-10's. I'm confident enough in us to put us here, seeing as what I know what we have. The bonus used was rather unfortunate.... we didn't really need to but it is what it is. The real question is will our team have time all at the same time to work on things?

2. Is This Team UHH?
Seems like they've figured out this contest as well. Will they have enough preloaded or can they keep earning bonuses at the rate they're going to win it all? Time will tell.

3. Ganker' Preloaded
Yes, they've won the last two years. Yes, they can very much win it again. But from everything being said from them, they don't seem to think it will. But if any team can win it shorthanded, this team will. It wouldn't shock anyone either.

4. Killers of Unicorn Killers.
Other rankings I've seen seem to put these guys on a lower-tier of teams than the three listed above. I don't find this true. They've got as good a shot as anyone above them. Second-highest scoring team left in the contest, and the highest-scoring individual left on the solo side at the time I write this. That's a threat to watch. Some question what they've burned, so can they keep up the rest of the way?

5. Megaladongs Assemble
Members of my team have said this is a team that can score at will. And it's true. They're almost always near the top of the board, and 3rd in total team score for the contest at this point. Can they keep it up, or will they run out of steam like some other top scoring teams in the past?

6. The Big Willie 4.0 (Bigger than Ever Before)
Sighris seemed slighted that his team was ranked so low in another hypothetical ranking. Truth is, they don't say much in the forums, they don't have much in terms of bonus points compared to other teams. But they've scored. They're currently 4th for team scoring. This team needs to show something it seems for others to take them as a serious threat at the end.

7. The Godz Reborn
I fear I may have them too low here. Seventh in team scoring so far, a handful of bonuses and they just keep rolling. It seems that they like to play a lot of newer games when they come out though..... this would be a team to watch if they need to handle decay.

8. Pomelachev
The only team with all their members left on the solo side. It gives them reason to keep going hard each week. They feel like underdogs compared to some other teams on the list but til we start seeing them struggle, there's no reason to question their commitment.

9. Conquistaria BR
Seems like they're always near the top of the leaderboard each week, but they've never been tops for a period and have almost no bonuses to speak of. Sixth in team scoring though. If I had to label one team as pretenders - this would be it right here.

10. It's Raining Hell Dawgs and Krazie Munkehs
Seem like an odd choice? Watch out if Chunkeh Munkeh ever starts scoring again the way he's done in the past. This team will be able to score at will. If they want to make a run for it, it's certainly up for grabs for them. Another team that's shown no signs of struggle so far.

Feel left out? Sorry. You'll have to shown in these future periods how serious you and your team are in hopes of winning it to outdo these ten teams.

Good luck the rest of the way guys.
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