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PermalinkDefining my true backlog on X1
So with my elimination from individual and team GTASC its time to look at what I actually want to still play on the system for funs. I'm really not pursuing gamerscore as a number climb, I moved on to those Playstation pastures 5 years ago. BUT I still like doing sidequests and such that likely will get me very near 1k on stuff

The I'm surefire beating these
Dead Rising 3
Disneyland Adventures
Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Motorsport 6
Gears of War 4
Halo 5
Halo Master Chief Collection
Halo Spartan Assault
Halo Wars
Halo Wars 2
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
Quantum Break
Rare Replay
Ryse Son of Rome
Sunset Overdrive

The BC Club I want to beat still
Blue Dragon
Fable Anniversary
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Gears of War Judgment
Witcher 2

The I'm going to try at least
Killer Instinct
Outer Wilds
Phantom Dust
Void Bastards
Z Axis

I dont think these ever went BC?
Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga

The hey these are double dips and this is a hard maybe
Yokus Island Express
Yooka Laylee
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PermalinkLooking back at XBLA
I loved XBLA, let that always be known. Last generations retail games were a second fiddle to these little gems for me. I knew that before we started getting the likes of Braid and Castle Crashers. I had 475 of these on my card and even with my self exile to Playstation country back in 2014 I'm still #48 on TA in XBLA played. Partly because they stopped XBLA with the Xbox One but I also didn't grab a lot of those games in the last year or so of the service.

So whats the point of this? Really nothing. I was looking at my list of what I abandoned here. The forgotten games of yesteryear, like Rocket Bowl. Its bowling with....a rocket powered bowling ball on non traditional courses. Its a neat concept but the game looks and plays like someones college unity project (sorry Large Animal Games). I only ever earned 1 achievement and played like half the game because it was littered with a few things that a lot of gamerscore whores avoided xbla for...

1.200 points max, later 400
2.Cluttered with bad online achievements in dead games
3.Cluttered with lazy grindy achievements
4.Bad asking prices to quality ($15 for a game thats like a half hour woo)

These factors made the Xbox Live Arcade a strange service to look at. Castle Crashers, Braid, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Brothers and Shadow Complex were nearly household names but there are so many hidden treasures and trash on the service.

Take RaSkulls one of my favorites I stupidly didn't finish! Its Mr Driller turned into a platforming game. Its a neat little game. Something like Ancients of Ooga though is a little polish loose of being an all time gem, its a Lost Vikings clone thats unfortunately really damn ugly. But hey if you can get past ye olde eye candy you can have a really good time as the puzzles are pretty decent.

Then there are the cash in sins against nature, like Burgertime World Tour. You know what the classic burgertime didn't need? Platforming. The developers took that classic puzzle game and added in some of the stiffest platforming produced on the entire xbox 360. There are spikes everywhere, and a complete lack of checkpoints. It's truly a masterpiece of mistakes.

No real point to this just a lot of reflection of games I'm likely not going back to ever unless more XBLA explodes on future xbox systems.

*salute* to the lost ones
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PermalinkMission 4
Well Week 3 went well, the team went bananas and we ran out of mangos to serve our competitors. It happens, BYOF.

This week there is a bonus for 150 achievements earned, I'm gonna try to do the majority of that lifting.

Last Week I played
Supermarket Shreik (did 2 worlds plan to finish this week)
Gears of War (Azure Mar and I got sidetracked by the damn heatwave)
Crackdown 3 (down to just orbs now so might let it sit)
Goat Simulator (down the basic 1k now...dont want to pay for dlc....yet)
Killer Instinct (wow this is a grind)

Plans for this week
Gears of War 1 (Beat it)
Goat Simulator (Win10 :|)
Supermarket Shreik (going to beat then drop)
Rare Replay (goldmine?)
Killer Instinct
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PermalinkMission 3
GTASC week 2 survival confirmed. Top 100 teams and individual.

Ended up finishing Goat Simulator, I understand its on Windows 10 but I think I may have to be drunk to play this a 6th time. Yea theres dlc but I'll pass for now.

Also decided to dive into Crackdown 3s dlc and I have a renewed sense of exploration now that I have the wing suit. Also the wing suit trials pumped my agility to lvl 6 so I have the jet booster too. Yeah the TA score has settled I'm diving in.

I started The Z Axis: Continuum, its And Yet It Moves. Would love it if it weren't for the poor jumping that leads to many deaths.

Finally continued Gears of War with Azure Mar after starting it like 4 years ago. Hoping to pound thru this series before 5?

Fun Fact: I have 790 Gamerscore in Gears 2 but only played the first act of that story, horde mode you so silly.
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PermalinkMission 2
GTASC Week 1 was a big success. After channeling the gods of minecraft I was able to squeeze delicious minecraft juice (has rich vitamin c!) to help propel the team to Week 1 safety and dominance.

Week 2s plan is simple, more Minecraft. The farm is rich with bounty, yummy minecraft. Hahahahaha

Also Descenders, that games really neat and the developer tweeted me whacky items are coming to make it the perfect Isaac + Trials baby
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