I hate randoms for Halloween Terror 2018 - Overwatch =(


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Checklist for Pack and Playoffs 394-116
Earn the Board 10 Reward in Pack and Playoffs
^^You must obtain the Reward when picking cards^^
earn 6 stars in all-time domination
earn 297 total stars in domination mode

26/30 :defeat all 30 team's shedules in schedule mode

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K4rn4geMekoramaCrash landing achievementK4rn4ge won the Crash landing achievement in Mekorama for 15 points
K4rn4geMekoramaK4rn4ge started the game Mekorama
BudgetBallin360Gears 5BudgetBallin360 won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 255 points
Vaughan14Resident Evil 3Vaughan14 won 5 Achievements in Resident Evil 3 for 155 points
Mr McMuffenHalo: Spartan Strike (iOS) Mr McMuffen won 2 Achievements in Halo: Spartan Strike (iOS) for 51 points
Mr McMuffenHalo: Spartan Strike (iOS)Night Knight achievementMr McMuffen won the Night Knight achievement in Halo: Spartan Strike (iOS) for 16 points
Comment by Jyro X2 at 05:37 on 05 Apr 2020

How did you download that?

Comment by Mr McMuffen at 05:42 on 05 Apr 2020

I had got them when they came out, i friend told that i could re download them. But you have to have bought them first.

ShowtimeXZResident Evil 3ShowtimeXZ won 4 Achievements in Resident Evil 3 for 83 points
PiCkLE SQU1DPiCkLE SQU1D has reached a new milestone: 19,750 Achievements Won
ShowtimeXZResident Evil 3ShowtimeXZ started the game Resident Evil 3
HolyHalfDeadMass Effect: AndromedaHolyHalfDead completed the game Mass Effect: Andromeda and is the 3,516th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by HolyHalfDead at 00:48 on 05 Apr 2020

Really enjoyed this game. Enough loose ends for a sequel.

Comment by Arador at 01:03 on 05 Apr 2020

Loved that game, looking forward to a sequel one day

K4rn4geTotally Reliable Delivery ServiceK4rn4ge won 17 Achievements in Totally Reliable Delivery Service for 2602 points
Death and GloryDoom EternalDeath and Glory won 3 Achievements in Doom Eternal for 144 points
JackbootedChildren of MortaJackbooted started the game Children of Morta
AL1LEGO Dimensions4AL1 has rated the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack DLC in LEGO Dimensions 4 out of 5
thefrozeneskimothefrozeneskimo has reached a new milestone: 355 Completed Games
AL1LEGO DimensionsAL1 won 2 Achievements in LEGO Dimensions for 115 points
KILLING5PR33DOOM 64KILLING5PR33 has rated the game DOOM 64 2.5 out of 5
KILLING5PR33DOOM 64KILLING5PR33 completed the game DOOM 64 and is the 1,603rd gamer on the site to complete it
y2wulffBleeding Edgey2wulff completed the game Bleeding Edge and is the 1,961st gamer on the site to complete it
Re4perKnightFor HonorRe4perKnight completed the base game For Honor and is the 1,301st gamer on the site to complete it
Re4perKnightFor HonorRe4perKnight completed the game For Honor and is the 896th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by DarkVirgil89 at 20:57 on 04 Apr 2020

Congrats babe

KILLING5PR33DOOM 64KILLING5PR33 won 2 Achievements in DOOM 64 for 448 points
y2wulffBleeding EdgeFirst Aid achievementy2wulff won the First Aid achievement in Bleeding Edge for 621 points
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