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HD remasters of Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders headed to XBOX 360 and PS3
Yesterday, when I was browsing the game sites I frequent, I eventually came across the Konami Pre-E3 Video over on GameTrailers. Some fascinating stuff in there, but the most exciting news comes in about 30 minutes into the video where it's revealed that Hideo Kojima is working on HD remasters of two of his most well-known franchises: Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders.

Mega 64 was brought on to unveil this exciting news as well as a new feature coming to PS3/PSP cross-platform titles: Transfarring. Transfarring will allow gamers to transfer their PS3 and PSP saves across both platforms when playing the same title in order to truly bring your gaming experience everywhere you go. From this, it's easy to infer that this feature will only be available to titles that are built to run on the PSP and given an HD upgrade for the PS3, so it's likely not going to be something we see across a wide library of games for a while.

Perhaps the most exciting part of these reveals is the announcement that both HD collections are also headed to XBOX 360. This will be the first time since Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance that a MGS title will be available on Microsoft's XBOX branded home consoles with a current release date set for November 2011. The HD collection of MGS titles will include Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, and the former PSP exclusive Peace Walker (Transfarring will be exclusive to the PS3 version... obviously). Being primarily an XBOX gamer, this news is welcome to me and might just sway me from picking up Snake Eater on 3DS simply because I'd rather play it in HD on a big screen. That's just me, though (I'm also broke... the less times I buy a game, the less money I spend!).

The Zone of the Enders HD collection is scheduled for a vague 2012 release for both XBOX 360 and PS3 (Transfarring is also enabled exclusively on the PS3 version), and is likely to cause fans of the series to regain hopes for a new entry in the franchise. I haven't played the Z.O.E. games, but I'm looking forward to changing that with this upcoming re-release.

Some information was also divulged about the upcoming, Raiden starring MGS: Rising with Kojima stating that it's still planned for a 2012 release.

To me, it's a little bit disappointing that the first Metal Gear Solid title won't be included in the HD collection (unless it's hidden in there somewhere); I have 3 copies of it (the original PSX release, the greatest hits PSX release, and the PSN release), though, so I'm not really needing to play it elsewhere. I think it'd also be neat if the first two Metal Gear MSX2 games were available in the HD collection... but that might be a long shot. Regardless, this is exciting news and I'm eagerly looking forward to the releases of these HD collections.

If you'd like to watch the Konami Pre-E3 vid, you can do that over on GameTrailers.

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