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TamizanderDungeons 3Tamizander won 2 Achievements in Dungeons 3 for 70 points
TamizanderDungeons 3Tamizander started the game Dungeons 3
TamizanderNHL 94 RewindTamizander started the game NHL 94 Rewind
TamizanderJust Cause 4Tamizander won 2 Achievements in Just Cause 4 for 254 points
TamizanderKorganTamizander completed the game Korgan and is the 15,818th gamer on the site to complete it
TamizanderDayZTamizander completed the game DayZ and is the 2,469th gamer on the site to complete it
TamizanderKorganTamizander won 10 Achievements in Korgan for 1127 points
TamizanderDayZTamizander won 10 Achievements in DayZ for 3063 points
TamizanderDayZHeal the world achievementTamizander won the Heal the world achievement in DayZ for 150 points
TamizanderDayZBabyface achievementTamizander won the Babyface achievement in DayZ for 124 points
TamizanderDayZLobotomy achievementTamizander won the Lobotomy achievement in DayZ for 403 points
TamizanderDayZPacify achievementTamizander won the Pacify achievement in DayZ for 93 points
TamizanderDayZMarksman achievementTamizander won the Marksman achievement in DayZ for 664 points
TamizanderDayZField cook achievementTamizander won the Field cook achievement in DayZ for 294 points
TamizanderTamizander has reached a new milestone: 19,250 Achievements Won
TamizanderFull Throttle RemasteredTamizander completed the game Full Throttle Remastered and is the 10,458th gamer on the site to complete it
TamizanderFull Throttle RemasteredTamizander won 40 Achievements in Full Throttle Remastered for 1300 points
TamizanderTamizander has reached a new milestone: 260 Completed Games
TamizanderDay of the Tentacle RemasteredTamizander completed the game Day of the Tentacle Remastered and is the 9,009th gamer on the site to complete it

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Dungeons 3
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