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Where to begin? Gaming has been such an important part of my life. When I was younger, I used to sit & watch my older brother play games for hours ...

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Comment by K1ck at 11:49 on 24 Jan 2020

My TA score and ratio were respectively raised from 1,037,356 and 3.6627 to 1,084,851 (+47,495) and 3.8304 (+0.1677), without unlocking a single achievement...

Comment by vSully at 12:50 on 24 Jan 2020

A nice bonus for all the difficult games you've completed. I had some great gains myself (28k TA, .085 ratio), although nowhere as much as you.

Comment by Elliot Pierson at 13:03 on 24 Jan 2020

Even i've gone from 1.78 to 1.81. I suppose 100,000 new members in 1 week would do that haha

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                Status change by Stallion83 at 18:53 on 23 Jan 2020Stallion83 status: LIVE now streaming Sea of Thieves! http://www.Mixer.com/Stallion83
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Comment by EarthboundX at 07:20 on 24 Jan 2020

How'd you like it overall? I wasn't really a fan myself. Felt like a letdown after Oxenfree.

Comment by Allgorhythm at 15:13 on 24 Jan 2020

I liked the wit, but one playthrough's enough. Got all achievements but two in 1st plsythrough. Very tedious to play thru more than half the game again to mop up last two

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