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Tex4242Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood (Xbox One)Tex4242 won 14 Achievements in Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood (Xbox One) for 696 points
Tex4242The MediumTex4242 won 9 Achievements in The Medium for 167 points
Tex4242The MediumTex4242 started the game The Medium
Tex4242Gods Will FallTex4242 started the game Gods Will Fall
Tex4242SupralandTex4242 won 14 Achievements in Supraland for 222 points
Tex4242SupralandAll Shells achievementTex4242 won the All Shells achievement in Supraland for 67 points
Tex4242SupralandHoly Sword achievementTex4242 won the Holy Sword achievement in Supraland for 38 points
Tex4242SupralandMacGuffin achievementTex4242 won the MacGuffin achievement in Supraland for 30 points
Tex4242SupralandJust Once achievementTex4242 won the Just Once achievement in Supraland for 16 points
Tex4242SupralandArmor achievementTex4242 won the Armor achievement in Supraland for 9 points
Tex4242SupralandTriple Jump achievementTex4242 won the Triple Jump achievement in Supraland for 7 points
Tex4242SupralandDouble Jump achievementTex4242 won the Double Jump achievement in Supraland for 7 points
Tex4242SupralandHealthbar achievementTex4242 won the Healthbar achievement in Supraland for 6 points
Tex4242SupralandForce Cube achievementTex4242 won the Force Cube achievement in Supraland for 6 points
Tex4242SupralandFast achievementTex4242 won the Fast achievement in Supraland for 6 points
Tex4242SupralandThe Blues achievementTex4242 won the The Blues achievement in Supraland for 5 points
Tex4242SupralandOut of bed achievementTex4242 won the Out of bed achievement in Supraland for 5 points
Tex4242SupralandTex4242 started the game Supraland
Tex4242Legends of EthernalTex4242 won 2 Achievements in Legends of Ethernal for 45 points
Tex4242Legends of EthernalTex4242 started the game Legends of Ethernal
Tex4242Cyber ShadowTex4242 started the game Cyber Shadow
Tex4242HITMAN 3Tex4242 won 5 Achievements in HITMAN 3 for 113 points
Tex4242HITMAN 3Tex4242 started the game HITMAN 3
Tex4242DIRT 5Tex4242 won 2 Achievements in DIRT 5 for 99 points
Tex4242DIRT 5
            Secret AchievementTex4242 won the Secret Achievement in DIRT 5 for 27 points
Tex4242Gears TacticsTex4242 started the game Gears Tactics
Tex4242XIIITex4242 won 3 Achievements in XIII for 135 points
Tex4242XIIIMade it! achievementTex4242 won the Made it! achievement in XIII for 67 points
Tex4242XIIITough Guy achievementTex4242 won the Tough Guy achievement in XIII for 29 points

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