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Xbox week: Continue the progress to grind through Too Human with a new character.

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            Secret AchievementNateCCRN won the Secret Achievement in Pupperazzi for 28 points
NateCCRNPupperazziNateCCRN started the game Pupperazzi
el tebyCyber Shadowel teby won 3 Achievements in Cyber Shadow for 232 points
MattiasAndersonShankMattiasAnderson has rated the game Shank 0.5 out of 5
Comment by RadiantViper at 03:39 on 24 Jan 2022

Finally a 0.5 we agree on!!!

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 03:47 on 24 Jan 2022

For me it is just a repeat of doing button presses. No feel to this game and then 3 playthroughs of just the same is too much. The hard mode is also so frustrating!

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el tebyCyber Shadowel teby won 23 Achievements in Cyber Shadow for 1162 points
el tebyCyber ShadowShow off achievementel teby won the Show off achievement in Cyber Shadow for 62 points
el tebyCyber ShadowPing pong achievementel teby won the Ping pong achievement in Cyber Shadow for 123 points
el tebyCyber ShadowNo you achievementel teby won the No you achievement in Cyber Shadow for 58 points
el tebyCyber ShadowDry socks achievementel teby won the Dry socks achievement in Cyber Shadow for 85 points
el tebyCyber ShadowBoring achievementel teby won the Boring achievement in Cyber Shadow for 37 points
el tebyCyber ShadowSmashing achievementel teby won the Smashing achievement in Cyber Shadow for 46 points
el tebyCyber ShadowPacifist achievementel teby won the Pacifist achievement in Cyber Shadow for 66 points
PoppaSmurf110Tanky TanksPoppaSmurf110 won 2 Achievements in Tanky Tanks for 202 points
PoppaSmurf110Tanky TanksPoppaSmurf110 started the game Tanky Tanks
MattiasAndersonStorm MattiasAnderson won 4 Achievements in Storm for 360 points
MattiasAndersonStormEnd of times achievementMattiasAnderson won the End of times achievement in Storm for 193 points
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 17:28 on 23 Jan 2022

Decided to unlock this one! Too annoying levels in the game to pick up on later.

            Secret AchievementMattiasAnderson won the Secret Achievement in Storm for 20 points
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 13:56 on 23 Jan 2022

One of the remaining games I want to finish before moving on to the next round. Got a bunch of games almost done thanks to 12 days of christmas. Better finish them!

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 15:17 on 23 Jan 2022

This game is so unbearable! Pushing through to finish this!

                Status change by MattiasAnderson at 20:19 on 23 Jan 2022MattiasAnderson status: I made a guide! Check it out! Solution for Contemplation in Storm
Comment by Mike Marcelais at 22:22 on 23 Jan 2022

Now you can write the walkthrough!

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 00:19 on 24 Jan 2022

haha! :) I am finally done with this game. It was such a bore! Really had to push myself through this one.

AtsumerDarksiders IIIAtsumer won 4 Achievements in Darksiders III for 256 points
AtsumerDarksiders IIINew Game +Atsumer started the New Game + DLC for Darksiders III
AtsumerDarksiders IIIAtsumer has rated the game Darksiders III 4 out of 5
Comment by Atsumer at 17:36 on 23 Jan 2022

A most excellent game with flaws. Much more Metroidvania than I expected. Like it! Now to play through it again.

el tebyCyber Shadowel teby started the game Cyber Shadow
el tebyAliens vs. Predatorel teby created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Aliens vs. Predator
Comment by FreebirdX3 at 19:11 on 23 Jan 2022

Enjoy this one,matchmaking is some of the worst I have ever encountered:)

Comment by el teby at 19:15 on 23 Jan 2022

Yayyyyyy sounds fun lol

Comment by IrishBeatdown at 00:10 on 24 Jan 2022

Alien scream bonanza

VIToxic99CaretakerVIToxic99 has rated the game Caretaker 2 out of 5
VIToxic99Race with RyanVIToxic99 won 2 Achievements in Race with Ryan for 81 points

                Status change by el teby at 13:43 on 23 Jan 2022el teby status: Strong coffee and good xbox deals are a one way ticket to an explosive trip to the loo
AtsumerDarksiders III1.5Atsumer has rated the The Crucible DLC in Darksiders III 1.5 out of 5
L0FFEL0FFE has reached a new milestone: 65,000 GamerScore
L0FFEStar Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderL0FFE completed the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and is the 25,692nd gamer on the site to complete it
MattiasAndersonCompletion PercentageMattiasAnderson created a new Completion Percentage Goal - 84 by 24 Jan 2023
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 02:06 on 23 Jan 2022

116 games left to do! 400 more achievements needed for this goal. My personal goal is to reach 60 games left to complete before end of the year.Will be tough but possible

MattiasAndersonCompletion PercentageMattiasAnderson failed their Completion Percentage Goal - 84 by 22 Jan 2022
Comment by Marekidze at 14:19 on 23 Jan 2022

LoL:) Didn't open PreLoads: enough?😈🔥

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 15:09 on 23 Jan 2022

haha! Preloads does not count towards this one making the goal tougher which I like.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 15:10 on 23 Jan 2022

But this one was created yesterday by mistake. I did another one were I have 1 year instead of 0 days. lol

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