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AlyssiyaForza Horizon 4Update #23Alyssiya completed the Update #23 DLC for Forza Horizon 4
The Ju1ceThe Ju1ce has reached a new milestone: 355 Completed Games
The Ju1ceTails Of IronThe Ju1ce completed the game Tails Of Iron and is the 39th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Hurricane Matt at 07:14 on 22 May 2022

A tail as old as time

The Ju1ceTails Of IronBloody WhiskerThe Ju1ce completed the Bloody Whisker DLC for Tails Of Iron
DougSnow625NHL 17DougSnow625 won 2 Achievements in NHL 17 for 73 points
A Dank SlothTrueSteamAchievementsA Dank Sloth has just linked their TrueAchievements account to their TrueSteamAchievements account
The MascalThe Mascal has reached a new milestone: 1,420,000 GamerScore
Power ParsonsPower Parsons has reached a new milestone: 510 Completed Games
Power ParsonsWill Die AlonePower Parsons completed the game Will Die Alone and is the 192nd gamer on the site to complete it
chefdrew07chefdrew07 has reached a new milestone: 13,500 Achievements Won
True Marvellous has started broadcasting Dolmen on their twitch channel at 21:42 on 21 May 2022twitchDolmenTrue Marvellous has started broadcasting Dolmen on their twitch channel
AlyssiyaDungeon ColorAlyssiya completed the game Dungeon Color and is the 366th gamer on the site to complete it
AlyssiyaDungeon ColorAlyssiya has rated the game Dungeon Color 1.5 out of 5
STYL4ZBullet BeatTitle Update 4STYL4Z completed the Title Update 4 DLC for Bullet Beat
AlyssiyaDungeon ColorAlyssiya won 6 Achievements in Dungeon Color for 756 points
STYL4ZBullet BeatTitle Update 4STYL4Z started the Title Update 4 DLC for Bullet Beat
Mike United 007Mike United 007 has reached a new milestone: 375 Completed Games
True MarvellousDolmenTrue Marvellous started the game Dolmen
LitaOsirisRavenous DevilsLitaOsiris started the game Ravenous Devils
Comment by omgeezus at 22:12 on 21 May 2022


JimbotUK shared  a clip of Trackmania® Turbo at 20:20 on 21 May 2022Trackmania TurboTrueAchievements TVJimbotUK shared a clip of Trackmania Turbo recorded by JimbotUK
Comment by JimbotUK at 20:21 on 21 May 2022

37th in the world & 0.92s off the STM on a black series track. Pretty lucky how the crash at the end set me up for the last jump.

Comment by SaP RaZzor at 22:46 on 21 May 2022

Dont be shy , go for 180 STM

AlyssiyaLEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyAlyssiya won 19 Achievements in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for 1467 points
Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
TA Difference Week 21 2022 2,761 180,037 1.53
TrueAchievement Week 21 2022 7,406 180,037 4.11
Gamerscore Week 21 2022 51,247 180,037 28.46
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 2,933 View history chart 690,858 0.42
TA Ratio in All Games 3,601 View history chart 669,643 0.54
TrueAchievement in Sports Games 437 View history chart 623,220 0.07
TA Ratio in All Games 292 View history chart 122,859 0.24
Gamerscore in All Games England 1,011 View history chart 25,145 4.02
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
Original Timmy UK Gamers Public 169 2,401 7.04
True Completion Percentage Request 93 1,286 7.23
True TA Ratio Request 35 1,028 3.40
xEndriux Achievements Completion %age Public 131 499 26.25
moroniccow Achievement Hounds Podcast Marathon Public 79 343 23.03
Guy Falcon Completionist Public 49 293 16.72
Xx NTAEndar xX Legit Completionists Request 28 126 22.22
Dat Boi Treezy LOVEFiLM Public 10 34 29.41
Dimitri SSX Adventure Club Request 2 28 7.14
REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 South west score whores UK Public 4 17 23.53
XOjamsterXO U.K TrueAchievement Rating Public 1 4 25.00
Drunk Again and Look'n 2 Score Team Private 1 2 50.00

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