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Joined the 300k GS Club. On the quest for 1,000,000 GS.

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Quest to 1,0000,000 Gamerscore
So I have been an Xbox Live gamer since 07. I have always loved getting achievements but have been playing Xbox on and off ( alot of the time due to World of Warcraft). I will continue to try and juggle real life, Wow life, and Xbox achievement hunting life on my quest to hit at least 1,000,000 gamer score.

I know I am will never catch the top players in score, not being able to dedicate most of my time to gaming but I will at least try and climb up the leaderboards as much as possible.

Current stats as of 7/6/2020 300,094 Gamerscore and rank 6,879 overall.

Follow me on my quest.
100,000 Gamerscore
Hit 100k today. Achievement title-"Perfect"-Game=Pac-man

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DragonMorley94DragonMorley94 has reached a new milestone: 360,000 GamerScore
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Comment by LITIG8R at 06:42 on 29 Oct 2020

I never even heard of this. It doesn't even sound like a game.

Comment by jrath05 at 10:16 on 29 Oct 2020

It was better than I thought It would be. Pretty easy points though.

jrath05911 Operatorjrath05 won 5 Achievements in 911 Operator for 1150 points
CKnowles93FIFA 21CKnowles93 won 11 Achievements in FIFA 21 for 811 points
jrath05911 Operatorjrath05 won 3 Achievements in 911 Operator for 691 points
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CKnowles93FIFA 21CKnowles93 won 3 Achievements in FIFA 21 for 435 points
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CKnowles93FIFA 21CKnowles93 started the game FIFA 21
jrath05My Friend Pedro (Win 10)jrath05 won 27 Achievements in My Friend Pedro (Win 10) for 1508 points
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