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smrnovsmrnov has reached a new milestone: 4,940,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by theonlydragonsi at 15:43 on 02 Mar 2021

Congrats homie. Not long till you hit 5 Mil

smrnovVera Blanc: Ghost In The Castlesmrnov completed the game Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle and is the 1,549th gamer on the site to complete it
IrishWarrior022IrishWarrior022 is now number 1 in the Canada GamerScore Leaderboard for Xbox One Vehicular Combat
Comment by Remember Me IV at 09:54 on 02 Mar 2021

Impressive! Well done mate 👏

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 14:43 on 02 Mar 2021

Thank you!

Comment by DARK EXORCI5T at 16:24 on 02 Mar 2021

Congratulations man!

IrishWarrior022WreckfestIrishWarrior022 won 2 Achievements in Wreckfest for 497 points
The Primal 1The Primal 1 has reached a new milestone: 1,275 Games Played
The Primal 1HexologicThe Primal 1 completed the game Hexologic and is the 4,151st gamer on the site to complete it
IrishWarrior022Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 10)IrishWarrior022 has rated the game Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 10) 2.5 out of 5
IrishWarrior022Xeno CrisisIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Xeno Crisis 3 out of 5

                Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 00:29 on 02 Mar 2021IrishWarrior022 status: No stream tonight, suffering from post traumatic GTASC syndrome. I will se you all Tuesday night 💚
Comment by Triple Triad777 at 01:06 on 02 Mar 2021

Who needs sleep when you have points to score for gtasc??😂

Comment by Slayer Reigning at 01:17 on 02 Mar 2021

Take the week off, enjoy it!

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The Primal 1Bean DiveThe Primal 1 won 2 achievements in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
smrnovHand of Fate 2smrnov won 6 Achievements in Hand of Fate 2 for 284 points
smrnovsmrnov has just made a new blog post: smrnov's Backlog - March 2021 Edition
smrnovsmrnov has reached a new milestone: 2,805 Completed Games
Comment by Búżž#9081 at 17:14 on 01 Mar 2021


Comment by YODA12320 at 17:31 on 01 Mar 2021

ok seriously... im just shocked at people who dont understand he completes like probably 2-3 games a day its not that hard with all these shit ID titles..

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smrnovProject Starship Xsmrnov completed the game Project Starship X and is the 595th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovProject Starship Xsmrnov won 19 Achievements in Project Starship X for 1098 points
smrnovProject Starship Xsmrnov started the game Project Starship X
Comment by Búżž#9081 at 16:49 on 01 Mar 2021

Ill have to buy this game. looks interesting lol

Comment by YODA12320 at 17:03 on 01 Mar 2021

lol should have bought it onsale.

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xx Kenshira xxxx Kenshira xx has reached a new milestone: 1,310,000 TrueAchievement Score
xx Kenshira xxxx Kenshira xx has reached a new milestone: 405 Completed Games
xx Kenshira xxMinecraft Dungeonsxx Kenshira xx completed the game Minecraft Dungeons and is the 9th gamer on the site to complete it
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GamerScore in All Games 465 View history chart 600,778 0.08
Games Played in All Games 1,013 View history chart 600,778 0.17
Games Played in All Games Australia 30 View history chart 4,588 0.65
GamerScore in All Games Australia 12 View history chart 4,588 0.26
TrueAchievement in All Games Australia 18 View history chart 4,588 0.39
Completed Games in All Games Australia 8 View history chart 4,588 0.17
GamerScore in Xbox 360 Games Australia 16 View history chart 4,441 0.36
Completed Games in Role Playing Games Australia 7 View history chart 4,372 0.16
GamerScore in Xbox One Games Australia 24 View history chart 4,116 0.58
Completed Games in Action-Adventure Games Australia 1 View history chart 4,076 0.02
Completed Games in Simulation Games Australia 10 View history chart 3,534 0.28
Completed Games in Adventure Games Australia 13 View history chart 3,461 0.38

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