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failurewarningfailurewarning has reached a new milestone: 1,120,000 GamerScore
DudeWithTheFaceBean DiveDudeWithTheFace won 4 achievements in 3 new games as part of their Bean Dive
RAILBAITACA NEOGEO ZUPAPA! (Win 10)RAILBAIT completed the game ACA NEOGEO ZUPAPA! (Win 10) and is the 57th gamer on the site to complete it
DudeWithTheFaceDudeWithTheFace has reached a new milestone: 990,000 TrueAchievement Score
RAILBAITTorchlight IIIRAILBAIT started the game Torchlight III
failurewarningKill It With Firefailurewarning completed the game Kill It With Fire and is the 258th gamer on the site to complete it
lightsup55lightsup55 is now in the top 100 of the Maryland GamerScore Leaderboard
Comment by iManuBAD iT at 17:07 on 09 May 2021


SpirochaeteInfestorSpirochaete completed the game Infestor and is the 239th gamer on the site to complete it
JMJimmyPrey: Typhon HunterJMJimmy started the game Prey: Typhon Hunter
JMJimmyPreyKnow Thy Self achievementJMJimmy won the Know Thy Self achievement in Prey for 10 points
JMJimmyPreyJMJimmy started the game Prey
JMJimmyProminence PokerJMJimmy started the game Prominence Poker

                Status change by omgeezus at 00:52 on 09 May 2021omgeezus status: Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms on here! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment by Naberios at 01:08 on 09 May 2021

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

Comment by omgeezus at 02:35 on 09 May 2021

Thank you smile

IxAMxINEVITABLEDarkIxAMxINEVITABLE started the game Dark
SpirochaeteInfestorLevel 50 achievementSpirochaete won the Level 50 achievement in Infestor for 103 points
SpirochaeteInfestorLevel 40 achievementSpirochaete won the Level 40 achievement in Infestor for 101 points
SpirochaeteInfestorJet Scouts achievementSpirochaete won the Jet Scouts achievement in Infestor for 101 points
SpirochaeteInfestorLevel 30 achievementSpirochaete won the Level 30 achievement in Infestor for 97 points
SpirochaeteInfestorOverseer achievementSpirochaete won the Overseer achievement in Infestor for 97 points
SpirochaeteInfestorLevel 20 achievementSpirochaete won the Level 20 achievement in Infestor for 95 points
SpirochaeteInfestorDroid achievementSpirochaete won the Droid achievement in Infestor for 95 points
SpirochaeteInfestorTurret achievementSpirochaete won the Turret achievement in Infestor for 93 points
SpirochaeteInfestorGuard achievementSpirochaete won the Guard achievement in Infestor for 92 points
SpirochaeteInfestorLevel 10 achievementSpirochaete won the Level 10 achievement in Infestor for 92 points
SpirochaeteInfestorWorker achievementSpirochaete won the Worker achievement in Infestor for 70 points
SpirochaeteInfestorColonist achievementSpirochaete won the Colonist achievement in Infestor for 30 points
SpirochaeteInfestorSpirochaete started the game Infestor
DudeWithTheFaceThunderflashDudeWithTheFace completed the game Thunderflash and is the 1,597th gamer on the site to complete it
JMJimmyPinball FX3JMJimmy started the game Pinball FX3
Evenger OstroEvenger Ostro has reached a new milestone: 260 Completed Games
Evenger OstroQueen's Quest 4: Sacred TruceEvenger Ostro completed the game Queen's Quest 4: Sacred Truce and is the 733rd gamer on the site to complete it
DudeWithTheFaceGamerscoreDudeWithTheFace created a new Gamerscore Goal - 700,000 by 31 Dec 2021

                Status change by IxAMxINEVITABLE at 08:38 on 08 May 2021IxAMxINEVITABLE status: 900 more miles to go for 16000 km / 10000 miles driven in Ridge Racer 6
Comment by A 0 E Monkey at 13:25 on 08 May 2021

Nice! Very impressive completion, especially no hit!

Comment by IxAMxINEVITABLE at 23:21 on 08 May 2021

Thanks man! That was a pain! Lots of restarting and frustration especially when an opponent would hit me on the final lap!!

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