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Made my goal of 250,000 Gamerscore! But what now? With half the year remaining and half of my 365 day streak goal remaining, how far shall I push the Gamerscore increase?

Currently in Play:

Battle Knight
Started this up, its an odd one. The campaign levels are good and nicely balanced. The challenge levels can be down right ridiculous and so far the boss are outrageous. Research indicates an upgrade system I'm yet to find, maybe that will make the difference.

Resident Evil 5
Doing Professional Campaign & DLC runs with M155Adventure. 1 online achievement left.

Slime Rancher
Due to recent update to game, this is completely unplayable.

The Division
Just a couple of coop and collectibles to grab.

TellTale Batman (Xbox One)
In case of imminent streak drop, Break Glass.

Games in the Pipeline:

-The Witcher 2 - Digital
-Borderlands: The Prequel - Digital
-Grow Up - Digital
-Lego Batman 3 - Physical
-Final Fantasy Type-0 - Physical
-South Park: Fractured But Whole - Physical

Backlog & Ongoing:

-Minecraft (Android)
-State of Decay 2
-Halo MCC
-Assassin's Creed Syndicate
-Tamriel Elder Scrolls Online
-Microsoft Wordament (Mobile) - 4 months to go
-The Last Door: Season 2 (Win 10) - Painfully dull
-KINGDOM HEARTS III - Really hard to stay focused on
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