Who all is excited for Titanfall 2 next week?! I can't wait!


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disturbedone47Grab the Bottledisturbedone47 has rated the game Grab the Bottle 0.5 out of 5
Comment by disturbedone47 at 22:48 on 08 Dec 2019

Not to great pretty dumb you can shadow of object and fail

Comment by M0NTE FUEG0 at 00:41 on 09 Dec 2019

So instead of you grabbing a good game.. you grabbed game dookie .. kk thx =/

Comment by disturbedone47 at 01:10 on 09 Dec 2019

Not like I knew this before I bought it it was only 2 bucks anyways

disturbedone47Nippon Marathondisturbedone47 completed the game Nippon Marathon and is the 44th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by disturbedone47 at 09:47 on 08 Dec 2019

What a glitchy mess so glad to be done with this one

Comment by disturbedone47 at 09:48 on 08 Dec 2019

It looked kinda fun but just one glitch after the other

disturbedone47Nippon Marathondisturbedone47 has rated the game Nippon Marathon 1 out of 5

                Status change by NJDuke007 at 06:21 on 08 Dec 2019NJDuke007 status: Hi Rich. STOP DEFAULTING US TO THE SHITTY MOBILE PAGE...K THANKS.
Comment by KriSpy CharMZ at 06:31 on 08 Dec 2019


disturbedone47AWAY: Journey To The Unexpecteddisturbedone47 has rated the game AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected 2.5 out of 5
disturbedone47disturbedone47 has reached a new milestone: 930,000 GamerScore
disturbedone47AWAY: Journey To The Unexpecteddisturbedone47 completed the game AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected and is the 169th gamer on the site to complete it
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                Status change by Vitiated1 at 17:00 on 07 Dec 2019Vitiated1 status: Hoping to finish Reach by Wednesday so I can focus on finishing games that I didn't already complete 2 years ago
Comment by YoDz at 17:47 on 07 Dec 2019


Comment by Luuc at 17:58 on 07 Dec 2019

You should have practised Reach on X360 so you could go for #1

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