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Achievement Hunter Thesis
Reposted because I accidentally deleted the original.

I have heard many names for what we are (some which would get me banned from TA for using) but I believe that Achievement Hunter is the most accurate. I see us as more than this and I see many different types of achievement hunters. Like classes in an RPG I believe we are all easily fit in to sub categories or a mix of said categories.

What Class are you? Answer in the comments!!!


An Achievement Hunter that earns large chunks of achievements in a small amount of time. These tend to revolve around short/easy games but may have a sprinkling of other games too. Bursters tend to care more about Gamerscore than TA.


These Achievement Hunters like to be the first to play/beat a game. They enjoy the not knowing and the discovery yet to be had. These may be the most important Achievement Hunters to my game play (along with Sages). Explorers will play a variety of games but will tend to play more fast games than long ones. Completing games may or may not be their goal.


An Achievement Hunter that specializes in a particular genre of games. Their knowledge is not always shared via solutions/walkthroughs/guides but is always shared through DM. I note that sages tend to not be attention seekers and this makes personal relationships a necessity to gain full access to their experience. Sages are responsible for 90% of the games I have given 4-5 stars on this site. I have rarely been disappointed by their advice.

Treasure Hunters:

One of my favorite classes and may be the best gamers amongst us. They don't always have high TA/Gamerscore but they will always have a high ratio. I've noticed a lot of them playing on Gamepass and/or free to play games, due to the rarity of the completions. When you see an achievement that has only been earned by 0.04% of gamers, they are the 0.04% I am talking about. They play long and short games. Treasure Hunters tend to care more about TA than Gamerscore


These speed demons are also often Explorers as well. They don't just play race games but I am willing to bet a lot do. These are the ones that love a good challenge, enjoy the pressure and stress that comes with being timed, and love to finish first. They don't wait for solutions, they don't need no walkthroughs and are very unlikely to write a WT or solution because of it. They often view this as "cheating".


PVP, PVP, and more PVP. If this is how you like to primarily build your Gamerscore then you are a Warrior. Warriors will be dependent on good internet because a hotspot would likely cause a brain aneurism due to lag spikes and unexplained deaths. Warriors will enjoy the uber pwnage of Noobs.


Do you have less than 100k TA? Congratulations, you are a Noob. This has been used as a derogative term for new players but in the Achievement Hunter world, they are the lifeblood of our community. Noobs are simply other classes waiting to be discovered. Noobs should be embraced by all!


They will be less interested in achievements and more interested in being a part of the group. These Achievement Hunters tend to be kind hearted, friendly and supportive. They will encourage you as you play, cheer you on as you succeed and will likely help you any chance they get. These are our people pleasers but unlike co-dependent relationships I highly suggest having them on your friends list. I have had great conversations with my Socialites.


These giants will have egos that match their Gamerscore/TA. Nothing will matter more to them than their scores. They are opinionated and they tend to be right. Elites can be jerks, but they can also write WTs and solutions that will make your life a lot easier. An Elite is the worst person to compare yourself to. They will earn ridiculous points and will be incredibly hard to keep up with. An Elite can be found in all sub categories other than Socialites.


The Vikings of Achievement Hunting. When they hit a wall, they punch their way through. The angrier they get the more determined they become. They give games a 0.5 star rating but buy the next version of it. They make horrible neighbors but I'll take 10 of them on any PVP team I am on because they only get better the madder they get. We all got a friend on our list that rants about 90% of the games they play.


The calm, collected and generally antisocial Achievement Hunter. If it grows, they plant it. If it takes time to build, they find the time. They aren't just playing farm games but other great titles that are of similar structure. They enjoy simulation games, strategy games and obviously some farming games as well. From live stock to slime creatures. Cities, trains, planes and civilizations. These are also the strategists amongst us.


Aka Perfectionists. You know the ones with 98-100% completion ratings, have a second account to test games before they play, and don't play any games with unobtainables. These are some hardcore players and can range from a variety of playing styles. I find more of them playing longer games but some are strictly easy/fast completions.


I've decided to add a specific class for those who write WTs and solutions. I think there are some who actually prefer writing WTs and solutions over actually earning achievements, leaderboards or rankings. Much like the people pleasing socialite, they are extremely helpful. Guides may care more about thumbs up and a thank you than they do about Gamerscore/TA.


First mentioned by Inferno118 the Rogue class have different goals than most. They may aim for certain achievements, may purposely skip 0 point achievements (and thus not get the "completion" yet have 1000/1000 points earned) and definitely love a good bean dive. A Prefect will see them as suicidal lunatics. Not all Rogues will have low completion percentage.


They aren't on the site with us, they likely don't care about ranking and are more in it for the fun. They look at achievements like a stamp collection. Fun to earn but not why they are playing. I don't qualify them as true Achievement Hunters but am mentioning them in the off chance on catches the blog and says, "Where do I fit in?"

What's your class? comment below!

I consider myself a mix of a Sage, a Farmer and a Berserker (and a Guide in training). If you consider yourself a class that is not on this list then please make your case in the comments below to be considered. See you in Valhalla

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Comment by CrazyCatMan#9249 at 14:23 on 19 May 2022

After Anodyne 2 I'm going to do Friday the 13th killer puzzle

Comment by CrazyCatMan#9249 at 14:27 on 19 May 2022

Cause I am trying to get my shitty completion % up with as little effort as possible!

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Played this back in 2015 but never gave it the 5-star rating it deserved. Playing through the games again recently and its giving me post-game depression all over again.

Comment by TheOnlyMatto at 08:15 on 19 May 2022

yeah i remember trying to beat the game different ways hoping to change the outcome. That is one sad ending

Comment by FlopsyTheRabbit at 09:50 on 19 May 2022

Yeah was great for it's time. Real shame the studio never evolved the formula with their later releases

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