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Casual Gaming is not ruining anything.
An Exert from my future editorial discussing Casual/Hardcore games and such.

Already finished writing, but there has been no editing done (excluding a couple spelling errors) and I will not be posting it anywhere until March. So why am I posting this (and here of all places)? Because I'm a cock-tease. That and I don't think the TA community can handle this without getting out of hand, even at this completely random exert which is extremely out of context on its own. (Really, it was random. I closed my eyes, scrolled up and down the file for a while then moved my mouse over a paragraph)

"Depending on your physical stature it's something you can play for a while, or not long at all. It's not for the faint of heart and you're going to do things you probably would never do otherwise. This mental/physical immersion does more than just allow you to play the game, it makes you experience real events. Kinect Sports, specifically the soccer game for this example, is an easy explanation of this. You have to make quick choices; Are they going to pass the ball to my left or right? Should I pass it left or right? Are they going to kick it to the left or right side of the goal? High or Low? Should I go left in case they pass left? What if they pass right instead? The number of problems you face in the easily less than 30 seconds it may take for one team to get to the other end of the field is overwhelming and yet we don't consciously answer them. We take the questions and their answers into consideration so quickly that we don't stop to really think about it. These problems are the same ones we face in 'Hardcore' First Person Shooters like Halo or Call of Duty. Are enemies going around that way? Should I put a claymore at this point or move further ahead and risk being seen? Do I look for someone left or right when entering this room? Do I risk wasting a grenade now for safety or do I hold onto it for when I know I'll need it? What if someone is in there and the grenade would have been a better idea? Those are just some of the question that are encountered and some really aren't that much different in any way other than context. So why is motion-control a casual variation of the gaming medium? If anything motion-control, at least the Kinect (being the forefront of this argument), invokes a sense of immersion that in the end it should easily be on the far side of this ridiculous "Hardcore" spectrum that somehow exists."

Now that I look at the one I choose..I wish I picked a different one. Oh well. Random is random. Going back on it is cheating.

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