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Tomjeh's Top 5 of 2012!!
Hey everyone wave

Hope you all had a wonderful 2012 away from gaming :) If I'm honest I don't think it was quite as impressive as the last few years in ...

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ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce has reached a new milestone: 790,000 TrueAchievement Score
I Ebon Hawk ITom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointI Ebon Hawk I won 15 Achievements in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint for 568 points
Ergo Me SmartVampyrErgo Me Smart won 6 Achievements in Vampyr for 489 points
FiatimWatch_DogsFiatim won 4 Achievements in Watch_Dogs for 109 points
            Secret AchievementFiatim won the Secret Achievement in Watch_Dogs for 13 points
FiatimWatch_DogsBookmarked achievementFiatim won the Bookmarked achievement in Watch_Dogs for 38 points
FiatimWatch_DogsHard Crash achievementFiatim won the Hard Crash achievement in Watch_Dogs for 13 points
ChewieOnIcePandemic: The Board GameVirulent StrainChewieOnIce completed the Virulent Strain DLC for Pandemic: The Board Game
Comment by Sashamorning at 21:21 on 29 Mar 2020


Comment by ChewieOnIce at 21:30 on 29 Mar 2020

I'm very on trend

HizameonCRABHizameon registered for the CRAB event
DGSURFERMinecraftDGSURFER won 3 Achievements in Minecraft for 210 points
JACKKAVAssassin's Creed OriginsJACKKAV completed the base game Assassin's Creed Origins and is the 20,128th gamer on the site to complete it
LMEPHISTOFoxyLandLMEPHISTO completed the game FoxyLand and is the 3,797th gamer on the site to complete it
LMEPHISTOFoxyLandLMEPHISTO started the game FoxyLand
BeanpotterTitanfall 2Beanpotter won 8 Achievements in Titanfall 2 for 192 points
Tasha JNBTwo Point HospitalTasha JNB started the game Two Point Hospital
ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce is now in the top 2000 of the TrueAchievement Leaderboard
Comment by BenL72 at 10:25 on 29 Mar 2020


Comment by Legohead 1977 at 10:25 on 29 Mar 2020


ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce is now in the top 500 of the TrueAchievement Leaderboard for ID@Xbox
Comment by Legohead 1977 at 10:26 on 29 Mar 2020

Lolz, you are now 1 place above me!

Comment by ChewieOnIce at 12:35 on 29 Mar 2020

That’s the way I like it

alanp9Rare Replayalanp9 won 2 Achievements in Rare Replay for 221 points
DallasthedudeAborigenusDallasthedude completed the game Aborigenus and is the 1,925th gamer on the site to complete it
DallasthedudeIN-VERTDallasthedude completed the game IN-VERT and is the 1,014th gamer on the site to complete it
So many BearsSo many Bears has reached a new milestone: 19,000 Achievements Won
LifeExpectancyVasilisLifeExpectancy won 5 Achievements in Vasilis for 266 points
LifeExpectancySuper Destronaut: Land WarsLifeExpectancy completed the game Super Destronaut: Land Wars and is the 1,532nd gamer on the site to complete it
LifeExpectancyVasilisLifeExpectancy started the game Vasilis
imaidiot19Mining Railimaidiot19 won 2 Achievements in Mining Rail for 59 points
LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy has reached a new milestone: 755 Completed Games
LifeExpectancyFive Nights at Freddy'sLifeExpectancy completed the game Five Nights at Freddy's and is the 1,011th gamer on the site to complete it
FummmJust Cause 3Fummm won 3 Achievements in Just Cause 3 for 121 points
D0ubleD93SMITEThe Ascendant WarriorD0ubleD93 completed the The Ascendant Warrior DLC for SMITE
D0ubleD93SMITED0ubleD93 won 3 Achievements in SMITE for 348 points
D0ubleD93SMITEWeapon Mastery S achievementD0ubleD93 won the Weapon Mastery S achievement in SMITE for 195 points
D0ubleD93SMITETwo For One achievementD0ubleD93 won the Two For One achievement in SMITE for 137 points
D0ubleD93SMITEDisapparate achievementD0ubleD93 won the Disapparate achievement in SMITE for 15 points
DallasthedudeIN-VERTDallasthedude started the game IN-VERT
DallasthedudeAborigenusDallasthedude started the game Aborigenus
ChewieOnIceChariotChewieOnIce won 2 Achievements in Chariot for 22 points
ChewieOnIceChariotChewieOnIce started the game Chariot
Large CoffeeRiMELarge Coffee started the game RiME
ChewieOnIceAltericChewieOnIce won 4 Achievements in Alteric for 295 points
ChewieOnIceAltericJumper II achievementChewieOnIce won the Jumper II achievement in Alteric for 69 points
ChewieOnIceAltericJumper I achievementChewieOnIce won the Jumper I achievement in Alteric for 53 points
ChewieOnIceAltericDead man achievementChewieOnIce won the Dead man achievement in Alteric for 53 points
ChewieOnIceAltericLucky guy achievementChewieOnIce won the Lucky guy achievement in Alteric for 120 points
ChewieOnIceAltericChewieOnIce won 3 Achievements in Alteric for 261 points
ChewieOnIceAltericGood runner achievementChewieOnIce won the Good runner achievement in Alteric for 115 points
ChewieOnIceRocket WarsChewieOnIce won 2 Achievements in Rocket Wars for 75 points
ChewieOnIceRocket WarsCRABChewieOnIce won the BRAWLER achievement in Rocket Wars for 39 points in CRAB
ChewieOnIceRocket WarsICARUS achievementChewieOnIce won the ICARUS achievement in Rocket Wars for 36 points
DarkLord ZephyrPikunikuDarkLord Zephyr won 2 Achievements in Pikuniku for 195 points
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games Norway 5 View history chart 516 0.97
Completed Games in All Games Norway 2 View history chart 516 0.39
TrueAchievement in Shooter Games Norway 2 View history chart 513 0.39
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
MC0REBE Published Walkthrough Writers Request 49 663 7.39
planting42 GTASC 2013 Request 28 260 10.77
NoobgamerValbo Scandinavia's best Request 17 248 6.85
My Gamertag is 2 Syllables or Less Request 7 181 3.87
LMEPHISTO BUUUUUUUUUUUH now owns a leaderboard ! Public 11 40 27.50
StarshadeFPS Xbox One Owners Norway Public 15 39 38.46
drabik Fantasy Football Public 1 34 2.94
jphil03 Friends Completion Request 1 33 3.03
Nomstuff The Nomstuff Depreciation society. Public 3 26 11.54
Mystic Typh00n To-Do Destiny Bingo Request 2 23 8.70
DaShAg Laddergoat Fan Club Public 1 15 6.67
liiami Blown up by LMEPHISTO Public 1 13 7.69

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