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January and New Year
If anyone that reads this also watches my achievements, you’ll notice that I have earned some achievements in games that aren’t on my goal playlist. I’m still working on my alphabetical list, but due to the content of Bioshock and the fact that my younger kids like to watch me play, it can be difficult to find time to play Mature games.

I did recently get to a point in Bioshock where I hit 50% of the collectible audio logs. I don’t know if collectibles carry over in play throughs or not, but looking at the walk through here on TrueAchievements, I appear to have found every one of them so far. I’m happy about that. As my goal is to only play through the main stories, I want to try to grab as many achievements as possible in a single run. Collectibles would be an annoying miss, especially if it’s only one or two.

As I have focused on doing a single run through instead of going for a 100% completion, I have found my ability to play for just a little bit increasing. I’m also being drawn back to Minecraft, funnily enough. Though I do have a few achievements still unearned in that game, I’m focusing more on the creative aspect of the game. I have started a new survival world once again. I want to try to actually build a continuous world, one I can expand and grow. Maybe eventually I will get those story achievements that I haven’t worked towards in the past. Who knows?

With this new year, I’m also focusing on my health. I’m back on track with my diet and am going to try to start exercising more. I’ve given up on the push ups and sit ups I used to do in high school. We got the kids new bikes for Christmas and my wife and I are going to get bikes of our own. I practiced on one of the kids’ new bikes and realized I haven’t ridden a bike in almost 20 years. Thankfully I didn’t fall, but it was a little nerve wracking. I’m looking forward to being able to feel the wind in my hair and watching the pounds fall away!

I hope that anyone reading this has a great 2020 and I look forward to what is to come. At this point, it has to be better than 2019, right?

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                Status change by wildandcrazygal at 19:11 on 21 Jan 2020wildandcrazygal status: Wow. I've never been good at shooter rpgs. So I didn't think I would like looter shooters. Borderlands has proved me wrong.
wildandcrazygalBorderlandswildandcrazygal started the game Borderlands
Lawk3tStorm BoyLawk3t has rated the game Storm Boy 1.5 out of 5
Comment by Lawk3t at 17:12 on 21 Jan 2020

It's got great artwork/theme, nice music, but the story is literally 10-15 minutes. Maybe 30 if you read through everything slow. Very much a quick 1k GS game, not bad

Lawk3tStorm BoyLawk3t completed the game Storm Boy and is the 5,644th gamer on the site to complete it
Lawk3tStorm BoyLawk3t won 11 Achievements in Storm Boy for 1006 points
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Lawk3tStorm Boy
            Secret AchievementLawk3t won the Secret Achievement in Storm Boy for 151 points
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Lawk3tStorm BoyCommitment achievementLawk3t won the Commitment achievement in Storm Boy for 76 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyArtist achievementLawk3t won the Artist achievement in Storm Boy for 50 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyDive Expert achievementLawk3t won the Dive Expert achievement in Storm Boy for 76 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyAdventurists achievementLawk3t won the Adventurists achievement in Storm Boy for 101 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyHangry Birds achievementLawk3t won the Hangry Birds achievement in Storm Boy for 76 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyFish Magnet achievementLawk3t won the Fish Magnet achievement in Storm Boy for 75 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyDigger achievementLawk3t won the Digger achievement in Storm Boy for 75 points
Lawk3tStorm BoyBorn to Fly achievementLawk3t won the Born to Fly achievement in Storm Boy for 101 points
Lawk3tLawk3t has reached a new milestone: 175,000 GamerScore
Lawk3tStorm BoyLawk3t started the game Storm Boy
SpeciallyTDerpThe RavenSpeciallyTDerp started the game The Raven
Ryuukishi634WandersongRyuukishi634 started the game Wandersong
XpovosBean DiveXpovos won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
JefeGatorJefeGator has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 96%
JefeGatorAge of Empires: Definitive Edition (Win 10)JefeGator won 17 Achievements in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (Win 10) for 894 points
XpovosLife is Strange 2Episode 2: RulesXpovos completed the Episode 2: Rules DLC for Life is Strange 2
Comment by Spirochaete at 04:44 on 20 Jan 2020

Ep 3 is the best. Enjoy.

Comment by Xpovos at 06:08 on 20 Jan 2020

I've finished the story. This is cleanup, dive I played without a guide.

Comment by Xpovos at 06:09 on 20 Jan 2020

I think I liked Ep.2 best. But 3 was ok. 4 trending down. 5 pissed me off.

XpovosLife is Strange 2Xpovos completed the base game Life is Strange 2 and is the 9,823rd gamer on the site to complete it
JefeGatorJefeGator has reached a new milestone: 14,000 Achievements Won
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BattleBladeWarBattleBladeWar has reached a new milestone: 520,000 TrueAchievement Score
ApathyGamerEnter the GungeonApathyGamer started the game Enter the Gungeon
Comment by ApathyGamer at 21:26 on 19 Jan 2020

Why'd I start this tough, grindy, repetitive, not my type of genre, headache of a game? 🤦🏻‍♂️

wildandcrazygalRiMEwildandcrazygal has rated the game RiME 4.5 out of 5
wildandcrazygalRiMEwildandcrazygal completed the game RiME and is the 4,360th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by wildandcrazygal at 18:28 on 19 Jan 2020

Completion # 5 of 2020.

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Ryuukishi634Ryuukishi634 has reached a new milestone: 400,000 TrueAchievement Score
ApathyGamerWin StreakApathyGamer is currently on a 525 day achievement win streak
Comment by ApathyGamer at 18:26 on 19 Jan 2020

Will they put me on a pedestal or forget I was ever this incredible?

Comment by ApathyGamer at 21:34 on 19 Jan 2020

Oh & Jh51681, I'm coming for your streak! The moment yours end, i'll pass by. 💪🏼😊👏

wildandcrazygalUnoOur House achievementwildandcrazygal won the Our House achievement in Uno for 69 points
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