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Heading into the second week of March. My life is in a totally different place than it was last month. Our household is smaller, as we had some roommates move out. We are now working on some remodeling and moving rooms around. Our kids are helping pick out decor and styles for their rooms. My wife and I are getting pieces for our bedroom: an armoire, new bed frame, smaller pieces of furniture.

I haven’t gone this long without playing an Xbox since, well, before I had an Xbox. I’m hoping to get one with tax return, but we are focusing on paying bills and paying for the upgrades on the house. Hoping very much we have enough left over for me to get an Xbox One X. I’m getting antsy.

Every couple of days, I try to go over what I did last in Assassin Creed: Origins. I don’t want to forget and not have any idea where I’m at on the story whenever I get back to playing. That happened with The Witcher 3. I even deleted my old save so I could immerse myself in the story anew. I do NOT want to do that with AC:O.

I have seen some positives in not having video games. I can’t honestly say that the negatives outweigh the positives either. But I do know I need some type of creative release. I’m reading more, but there’re no choices there. In a book, I go where the author tells me. In the right game, I use the choices the author gives. It’s enough of a difference to satiate me.
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Permalink1st World Problems And Escapism
It’s been over a month since my Xbox One went kaput. I have $125 saved for an Xbox One X. $98 of that is store credit at GameStop. I $25 in a Target Gift Card, which I want to use to try to buy a GameStop gift card, if possible.

I am hoping I can use my tax refund to get an Xbox One X, but bills will come first. But not having my main gaming console is sucking. I’ve been playing Minecraft on PS4, but there are no achievements!

I know, what with everything going on in the world right now, this is not a problem to be whining about. The governor of Kentucky states that video games are one of the causes of mass shootings. As a gamer for most of my life, this is a bunch of crap. Games are my escape. They give me a chance to be someone I can’t be in real life. They let me do things I can’t do in real life. Will I go to Mars some day? I hope so, but until I’m rich, video games are the only way I’m leaving this planet.

Do I need video games? No. Is my life better with them? Debatable. I know that I’m more relaxed with them. Is it avoidance? Probably. I know I’d have more time for projects around the house without them. I also know that it helps me work through stress.

I appreciate that I am in a better situation than some. But I do very much want to get back to achievement hunting as soon as possible.
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PermalinkNew Year, New Pains.
Well, so much for getting to 200k Gamerscore any time this year. My Xbox One has died. My wife says we can start saving for a One X, but that’s going to take a few months. I’m thinking of trading in my broken system at GameStop for $80 store credit.

The plan is to then save $10 a week until I have enough for a One X. The great thing about getting a One X is then I can strive for getting a 4K TV. But that’s probably going to be next year at this point.

In the interim, I am going to probably move my 360 to my main TV or just play on my PS4. Either way, my achievements are going to take a big hit.
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PermalinkNew Years!
So I fell short of my goal of 200k Gamerscore but I definitely made great strides. 2017 saw me have my longest streak. I think that’s what broke me. But I’m looking forward to 2018. I’m aiming to dive into older games and going to try to limit buying games... unless there’s a good sale! Lol

There are some titles I want to play for fun and try not to think about my completion percentage. But, overall, I want 2018 to be a focus of games I already own and boosting my overall completion percentage.
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