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This month saw me visiting the dentist more than I have in the last ten years. I am a patient at a school of dentistry. As a result, I was recently asked to help a couple of student dentists by being their patient for their final exams. I did receive some financial compensation for being a willing victim subject. Unfortunately, I did not receive enough to get an Xbox One X by tomorrow (April 16th). The reason that was important was because I am getting all of my wisdom teeth removed then, so will be home all week, healing.

But I am super close! I only need $100 more and an Xbox One X shall be mine! My hope is that I will get that much come May 10th, which is my birthday. I just hope there is a promotion or something happening at the time, so I can get Far Cry 5. Or maybe Burnout: Paradise Remastered.

Either way, I’m so excited! I haven’t played many video games since January. I’ve tried playing on my PS4, but just ended up on Netflix. Fingers crossed for the remaining funds I need.
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It is now April. Boredom surrounds me. I’ve only read a few books. My creativity feels like it is being stolen away from me. I’ve started paying attention to how I speak, trying to focus on being more advanced in the words I used.

I started a 360 game today. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. I only played the first chapter, but it felt good to get an achievement. Ive been watching my son play Titanfall. He’s pretty good, I think. I knows he’s leveled a lot faster than I did.

Watching him play has really wanted me to get into Titanfall 2 whenever I get a One X. There’s hope on that front.

I have about $200 saved up. $100 from trading it in, $100 from a Gift Card for changing ISPs. My birthday is coming up in May, so I hope to get some funds from that!

Until then, I am going to try to play some 360 games. The longer I go without a One, the more I forget the amazing graphics. That will make gameplay easier for me on the 360.
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