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So as this is my first blog, I would like to touch a topic that so many believe is the key to winning GTASC. Well since so many people are speculating how much our team actually has preloaded, i will tell you guys exactly how much we have at our disposal.

As of right now we have 3,500,000ta preloaded. Or is it -100,000ta?? How??? I don't know, just felt like a good number to say. "But Phillip, how could you say that you have that much preloaded. There is no way your team has that much!" We do because I say we do. I could put out how much we actually have preloaded, but ill just keep you guys wondering. I could say however much as I want, but it doesn't mean anything. But i guess 10k preloaded each is a fantastic guess. Maybe a zero, or another number, and you will be more accurate. If you want to believe that number, than be my guest, but be prepared to be shocked!

Now to be completely honest, I will show you guys a few achievements I have preloaded.
Here's one
Sunset OverdriveIntelThe Intel achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 27 pointsCollect all 40 Smartphones.

Wait, is that not enough points??? Oh I'm sorry here's a few others
You will never know- 1,000,000ta
How much we - 750,000ta
Truly have preloaded- 2,000,000ta

Wait....thats more than i originally said we had preloaded....whoops, guess I'm not the only person whose math is wrong. laugh

Next week, I will discuss the most ignorant teams in GTASC! Thanks for listening laugh
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