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Can't believe this many people are so scared to get off a 5 or a 0 Gamerscore laugh

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SpilnerMinecraft (Android)Spilner completed the game Minecraft (Android) and is the 37th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Spilner at 15:33 on 13 Dec 2018

2/5 , too bad the kindle version isnt in beta roll

SpilnerSpilner has reached a new milestone: 700,000 TrueAchievement Score
SpilnerMinecraft (Win 10)Spilner completed the game Minecraft (Win 10) and is the 78th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Spilner at 06:00 on 13 Dec 2018


LitaOsirisLEGO Pirates of the CaribbeanLitaOsiris has rated the game LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 4.5 out of 5
imaidiot19imaidiot19 has just made a new blog post: My Favorite Games Of 2018
fighterx93chippLeague of Evilfighterx93chipp has rated the game League of Evil 4 out of 5
Comment by fighterx93chipp at 01:32 on 13 Dec 2018

Very fun super meat boy clone

ChewieOnIceYour Toy
ChewieOnIce won 6 Achievements in Your Toy for 274 points
imaidiot1912 Days of Christmasimaidiot19 has completed the Nine Letter Spelling Challenge in the 12 Days of Christmas event
Comment by burnthelamb at 22:24 on 12 Dec 2018

ima gets achievements?

Comment by imaidiot19 at 22:42 on 12 Dec 2018

burn plays xbox? lol.

Comment by burnthelamb at 23:04 on 12 Dec 2018

Not as much as I'd like to...

BeanpotterBeanpotter has reached a new milestone: 550,000 GamerScore

                Status change by NBA Kirkland at 20:49 on 12 Dec 2018NBA Kirkland status: So who has 4 community challenges (purple badge) already? *hand up* BTW, the mystery (unlisted) one is for getting 10 once in the last UHH.
Comment by imaidiot19 at 20:59 on 12 Dec 2018

me? also have 40 community events.

Comment by hotcurls3088 at 22:46 on 12 Dec 2018


...there are 4 other comments

                Status change by ChewieOnIce at 20:17 on 12 Dec 2018ChewieOnIce status: Congrats on a super impressive Top 10 finish in the GTASC UselessFATDOG !!!
Comment by Legohead 1977 at 22:29 on 12 Dec 2018

Team Useless!

Comment by UselessFATDOG at 01:12 on 13 Dec 2018

Thanks, time for some major mop up & Red Dead 2.

Chad and JessieBurnout Paradise
Chad and Jessie won 15 Achievements in Burnout Paradise for 460 points
MatrarchThe Walking DeadMatrarch started the game The Walking Dead

                Status change by imaidiot19 at 15:11 on 12 Dec 2018imaidiot19 status: I love how many times they say 'idiot' in Red Dead 2. It makes me feel like part of the game @rockstargames

                Status change by Large Coffee at 14:23 on 12 Dec 2018Large Coffee status: I can't even imagine playing Child of Eden with Kinect, it must be incredibly frustrating
Comment by Awoo at 14:44 on 12 Dec 2018

That's the only good way to play it. Completing it with a controller would be near impossible.

Comment by Geoffistopheles at 14:48 on 12 Dec 2018

I think I made it further than most, completing the levels on hard with Kinect. Getting the five stars and beating Hope needed a controller, though.

Comment by Awoo at 14:49 on 12 Dec 2018

Wait what am I fucking saying, it's the other way around! Someone must have put something in my tea today...

SpilnerMinecraft (Win 10)Zoologist achievementSpilner won the Zoologist achievement in Minecraft (Win 10) for 571 points
Comment by Spilner at 14:25 on 12 Dec 2018

Cats suck, 'a chance to gift players itms' fuck sake i slept 6 times on 3 devices at once, no gift.

Comment by Beanpotter at 16:44 on 12 Dec 2018

Eats shoots and leaves

alanp9Contrastalanp9 started the game Contrast

                Status change by Hoffman at 08:13 on 12 Dec 2018Hoffman status: 12 Days of Christmas made achievement hunting fun again.
Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 70%
Comment by RadiantViper at 08:10 on 12 Dec 2018

Noice clap

Comment by Reborn Insanity at 08:13 on 12 Dec 2018

Thanks! Finally back to 70% after 4 years of it being rekt by MCC

NBA KirklandAshen
            Secret AchievementNBA Kirkland won the Secret Achievement in Ashen for 138 points
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