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Job Frustration
I am currently on my lunch break at work. I would not be on this site unless I was not currently clocked in. I am on my personal computer that I purchased to do work in the office from. With that being said I wonder if anyone else besides myself gets frustrated about work, co-workers, job situations, and such. I want to be a good employee. One of the things that I have always prided myself with is trying to constantly improve on what I can do for the company I work for. When employed by a coffee shop where stars would give their bucks for lattes I always wanted to be more efficient. I want to be the most profitable store possible. I am currently at a job where I feel trapped by what I can and can't do because of what co-workers will or will not do. I can't go over their head, I can't go around them, I don't want to run them over. I want to be effective but it is hard when those around you are constantly being negative. Should I have to be my co-workers cheerleader, or my boss's cheerleader. Should I have to go into the office every day and just prop up someone else to do their job so I can be just minimally effective at mine? It is hard to be in a position that I know what my boss should be doing but not able to get them to do what they need so that they can be as awesome as they could be because they just don't want to. My boss could possibly be the best person at his position that I have ever met, but his negative attitude holds him back. I have talked to him on a few different occasions about this and usually that brings about a temporary change in his attitude. Our job is dealing with people on a regular basis and includes trying to get people to understand their need for a change in their life. You may questions my effectiveness at my job considering that what I do for a living I can't even get done with a co-worker or boss. I would agree with you. I feel that my effectiveness is not what it should be. I want to be better at my job than I am. I would greatly appreciate any input that you would have about this.

Dealing with people would be great if you didn't have to deal with all the people. Sometimes I just want to move to a 40 acre plot in Colorado and live off the grid like a hermit.

8/18/16 update
I wrote the above almost 9 months ago. It has gotten much better, I have decided to just do my job as best as possible and allow my boss to either crash and burn on his own or succeed on his own. I am still forced to cover for some of his actions but at least its not overwhelming like it used to be. I don't think I will publish this just yet but I will keep this and see where it goes. I have started to look for other positions in other companies, I have seen the meme that people don't quit jobs or companies they quit bosses and the more I think about this the more I find it true.

6/3/20 Update

There is a blogpost that I published after last update but before this one. Kinda says a lot.

I know most will not really care about this as it is not ultimately related to gaming. We have sold our house in the the craptastic state of Illinois. We have purchase a house southeast of Indianapolis. My wife is working at a job over here, I'm still at the post office. We have about two car loads of stuff still in storage as we have not had the time even with the quarantine to unpack everything (its only been almost a year). However I have been able to pick up my gaming time more than before. Probably 3 to 4 evenings a week about 2 hours a night. I really enjoy it. Its been a long tough road going from a youth pastor of almost 14 year at the same church to stepping away from a ministry position just to make sure that you can financially make it. I look back and believe that God was in the move as if I was still at the church I was working at the Covid scare (and that’s all it was, not nearly as severe as predicted) I would have really had had the crap hit the fan. Its funny how sometime the things that you see as your life falling apart is really God keeping your life somewhat together. God is good, all the time. A bonus to all this is that I joined a gym and am working out on a regular basis. I’m in training for my 7th tough mudder this summer if they don't cancel it for some dumb reason. Hopefully I can get back to posting more. Looking at games more and playing those games with my friends more.

God bless all those who read this and even those who don't.

Would always appreciate feedback and constructive observances.
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