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EelectricalTell Me WhyEelectrical completed the game Tell Me Why and is the 4,064th gamer on the site to complete it
NoobgamerValboNoobgamerValbo has reached a new milestone: 310,000 GamerScore
angelskThe Testament of Sherlock Holmes angelsk won 20 Achievements in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for 562 points
angelskThe Testament of Sherlock HolmesLeap Frogangelsk won the A Fine Romance achievement in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for 24 points in Leap Frog
Comment by zzUrbanSpaceman at 12:25 on 22 Sep 2020


Comment by angelsk at 12:25 on 22 Sep 2020

Please don't glitch on me like the EU version!! *prays*

Clever JakeFractured MindsClever Jake completed the game Fractured Minds and is the 33,013th gamer on the site to complete it
Clever JakeFractured MindsClever Jake has rated the game Fractured Minds 2 out of 5
Comment by Clever Jake at 21:20 on 22 Sep 2020

Easy GS, but a bit shit.

Clever JakeFractured MindsClever Jake started the game Fractured Minds
NoobgamerValboTamikuNoobgamerValbo started the game Tamiku
EelectricalEelectrical has reached a new milestone: 210,000 TrueAchievement Score
EelectricalTell Me WhyEelectrical started the game Tell Me Why
UlkeshTell Me WhyUlkesh won 9 Achievements in Tell Me Why for 576 points
UlkeshTell Me WhyChapter 2Ulkesh started the Chapter 2 DLC for Tell Me Why
angelskangelsk is now in the top 5 of the Completed Games Leaderboard for Point & Click
Comment by MrCoolness3 at 13:37 on 22 Sep 2020


                Status change by failurewarning at 07:24 on 22 Sep 2020failurewarning status: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr
Comment by BemusedBox at 09:26 on 22 Sep 2020

Got it then

Comment by failurewarning at 13:41 on 22 Sep 2020

Certainly did

Comment by RarePresence at 19:10 on 22 Sep 2020

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr me too

                Status change by Maka91 at 01:43 on 22 Sep 2020Maka91 status: Xbox Series X Pre-orders are GOING LIVE - What You Need to Know - https://youtube.com/watch?v=7Comdczur0g
Comment by darkmafia99 at 04:02 on 22 Sep 2020

What you thinking for here in Ontario?

Comment by Maka91 at 04:26 on 22 Sep 2020

Microsoft Store.

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