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Outland Evolves
*Insert game rage and colourful language here*
Now I remember why I don’t play platformers. A few hours into Outland and I am having flashbacks of me punching gamecube controllers because Mario is a dick. Outland’s curveball is red and blue energy. I haven’t actually paid any attention to the storyline, to be honest I am not that sure there is much of one. I am sure the game explained what this coloured energy is but like any good man I ignored the instructions. Instead I learnt that if you are red then blue stuff hurts and vice versa. You can change this with a quick tap of RB, and by the end you will be jumping, changing to blue, landing on a platform, immediately jumping, change to red to avoid the red dots streaming from above, back to blue for the platform, stick the landing and 10s all round from the judges. Well in theory anyway. You always die just before the checkpoint!

So I am currently up to the second boss, she’s a bitch. I have worked out her pattern of attacks and have 6 hearts, it shouldn’t be difficult…but the game totally cheats you. Will give it another bash today, but I am really struggling to get into this game. It’s not a bad game, if anything I am enjoying it. I just have little desire to play it longer than 30-40 minutes a day, so progress is slow.
Lately I have heard news of a few server closures, luckily none of which affected me. Well my luck finally ran out when 2K announced they were shutting off Evolve’s dedicated servers. Now it isn’t exactly clear if any achievements will be discontinued, TA listed a few in the news article which could, but some have commented that they believe no achievements will be affected. I am inclined to believe them, but this news article has created an opportunity. Rather than take the risk, most within the community who haven’t finished Evolve are flocking back. It has never been easier to boost Evolve.

I started off doing the Arena DLC and getting to grips with the game. I have to say it’s decent enough. Aside from 3 grindy achievements, the rest are relatively easy. So, my plan for Evolve is to knock everything out and then work on the character mastery achievements. I haven’t really thought about the best course of action for them yet, but I have until early September as those 3 achievements are some of the few which could potentially be affected by the server closure.

I am vaguely aware that Evolve was not well received by gamers. Now I did buy it on disc a few years ago and in true tradition it sat on my shelf untouched until I bean dived it, after which it went back on the shelf. That last bit is a slight lie, I took it off my shelf to trade it in when it went GWG. Normally I would be quite angry with myself for this, but I am now able to duel box the game, which takes a little of the financial sting away.

My experience with the game so far has been positive as I had the GWG edition, which I am pretty sure includes most things within the game. The monsters are pretty fun, although they are quite cumbersome, and you do feel like you are swatting flies when attacking the hunters. I haven’t really played as the hunters much, but I will have plenty of time to get to grips with them over the next little while as I complete their challenges.

One final thing on Evolve. The achievement for getting a gold medal on the monster’s tutorial! It is kicking my arse. You must complete the entire tutorial in 6 minutes, my best so far is just under 7 minutes, and I thought that was pretty fast. I’m not really sure what I am doing wrong other than the final fight against the hunters. Problem is they won’t stay still and let me kill them! Some NPC’s need to learn some manners!
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