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Another broken POS game on my card
I'm not sure how Microsoft allows developers to create a game, market it on Xbox 360, sell it to the consumer and then abandon it completely.

Forza Motorsport 4 has an achievement for obtaining a 'unicorn' car, which seems like a dumb name for a really expensive car in their game I guess.

Turns out any and all DLC that had those cars in it was pulled from the marketplace some time ago, and as of July 2015 the unicorn cars are no longer supported.

Result? The only way to get the Forza 4 achievement for unicorn cars is if you had the VIP membership in Forza 3, downloaded the cars that quialify as unicorn in Forza 4 and then import that profile into Forza 4 with the cars.

What a crock of $hit. Now Forza 4 goes to join Ghostbusters:TVG on my card as games that cannot and will never be completed. The garbage part is that I still have to spend 200 hrs on the bucket list achievement knowing I'll never complete the game. Disgusting.

As gamers on an achievement website, I'd love to see some action against these companies. The achievements should be unlocked for anyone who plays the game once they are unobtainable. It's simple as that. It's these things that turn me away from gaming.

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